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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Feel Me (O'Brien Family #4) by Cecy Robson

A Review by Wendy 
4 When Ambition Can Blind You Stars
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Throughout the O'Brien Family series, we always had Declan as the One who was going to make a name for himself... the One who had all his plans laid out. All Declan needed to do was stay the course, keep being successful with his prosecutions and the DA's office would be his start up the political ladder.

The family knew this was his destiny and so far he was on target. However, all this ambition and drive came with a price. When he saw what his father's behavior did to his mother, he decided then and there, his brothers and sister were going to be cared for...He may not have started working like his older brother to help support them but he did provide additional hands in looking after them and helping Ma. He was the strict one, guiding them and watching out for them. The family knew he was the one who needed to be in school and fulfill his dreams, so the kids obeyed and listened.

Over the years, Declan has seen many changes in his brothers... they are happier with the addition of the women they love. He looks at these siblings and sees the joy they have just being together with the ones they love. It makes him sad, though, because Declan doesn't believe in Love... at least not for him... He believes his life's work has no room for that and has made peace with it.

Now that does not mean Declan is living the life of a Monk...Not in any way...Declan is buff, handsome and charming. He knows how to flirt and does it oh, so well. He will enjoy the lithe, model types who love to give him their numbers. He makes a practice of only a "date" or two, then on to the next.

There is one person who has caught his eye and every time he comes in contact with her, his charming ways do not work. Instead he comes across like a real jerk. It is truly annoying because it just turns out this beautiful woman who has gotten under his skin, and not in a good way, is the daughter of the current DA.

Melissa Fenske would agree; Declan O'Brien is a jerk. He is arrogant, has legions of women wanting to bed him and he smiles at every single one of them. Working with this man is going to be extremely annoying but her father is not well and placed Declan as the acting DA while he is away on medical leave. Melissa is in charge of the Special Victims Advocacy Group. It is a hard unit to work. Seeing day after day, abused women or sexually assaulted kids causes major burnout with attorneys. This is not where Declan thought he was going to be when moving to a new division... he thought it would be his dream, Homicide.

So here we have Declan in a position that was not on his ambitious mapped out plan... and then there's Melissa who will have to show him the ropes of how to deal with these difficult cases. Couple all of that with the chemistry these two have and the fight to not cross any lines.

Melissa is a woman who can hold her own and is strong. What she had to live through to become this strong was not easy. She was born hearing impaired to a mother who was a drug addict. When Melissa was 6, the mother tried to sell her to a man for drugs. Melissa escaped but was almost put into foster care...Instead the attorney handling her case fell hard for this little broken girl and adopted her. Once she learned to trust her new dad, the two of them bonded and were devoted to each other. School was not easy for Melissa; kids were cruel. But she was smart and rose above the pain becoming a victims advocate.

Melissa and Declan fight their feelings for each other until they cannot. Their times together are sexy and can be very loving. Melissa is a character to admire and root for...and we do.

Declan was a bit more difficult. He was cocky, sure of his sex appeal. He sometimes came across a little too sure of himself...We did get his back story and insight as to why he thought the way he did but I found his situation harder to care about then most of the other siblings from past books.
He did redeem himself in the end...and that is always important. We also got delicious slices of the other O'Brien's in this tale which always makes my day.

With a family of 7...we still have two other brothers to learn I will be looking for more with this Family.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

 About Cecy Robson
6177334 CECY (pronounced Sessy) ROBSON is the new adult and contemporary romance author of the Shattered Past series, the O’Brien Family novels and upcoming Carolina Beach novels, as well as the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A 2016 double nominated RITA® finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, Cecy is a recovering Jersey girl living in the South who enjoys carbs way too much, and exercise way too little. Gifted and cursed with an overactive imagination, you can typically find her on her laptop silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.


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