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Friday, May 5, 2017

Bombshell (Hollywood A-List #1) by C.D. Reiss

   A Review by Wendy
5 The Gift That Keeps On Giving Stars
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Spoiler Free

Over the past years, I have read many gifted authors. We all have...and we all think we have a handle on exactly what we will get when we purchase their works. There is a comfort and excitement in a new work...Comfort because we are back in the hands of someone we know who will give us a story which will take us places we either wish to return if it is a series...or a new undiscovered arena which causes all sorts of anticipation. We know we can trust these authors and give them the time they and their works deserve.

We also have authors who astound us. They have the ability to push boundaries... to make us confront situations on paper we would not be inclined to in real life. They take us not by the hand but sometimes by the throat and force us to see things and experience them so deeply...we must catch our breath as we read.

And then there are the very few...the ones who can do it all....Give you whatever you are looking for in their vast array of works....the Dark/The Romantic/The Erotic .... the combination of all... and then the more Contemporary Romantic...but still with the authentic, consistent style of the author...

Which leads me to C.D. Reiss....

I know I have touched on this before... but with this new book Bombshell, I really wanted to focus on what I found so truly amazing about it.

This could easily have been classified any number of ways... "The Forbidden Father/ Nanny Scenario"or the "He is a Star and I am Just Me Deal"...or the "Throw it All Together with a Cute Kid just for the Awe Factor..."

But Don't Do That...
Because you will have missed everything that this was all about and how artfully it was done.

Very few authors work other characters from past works in as well as Reiss. Reiss takes the location she lives and breaths...the life and times she knows completely from her own life and ones she has created...and weaves them in so subtly, if you are not an avid reader, you will miss the nods. She has been doing this from the first books I have read of hers... and continues to work this magic into almost everything she writes.

Bombshell's blurb gives a very accurate, simple description... and basically that is the story...
But the way C.D. Reiss takes what could have been run of the mill and makes it so much of an Insider's Truth to this Lifestyle of the Hollywood takes the premise to a whole other level.

She takes everything you have been reading/watching over the years... all the Grocery Rags; The Enquirer, Star, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, etc...and breaks it open...She gives you a man who is complicated but also so human...A man who had been manipulated and also allowed it because of his driving ambition...

This man has his life change overnight. The only person he can see who is able to make his heart stop having panic attacks and feel as if he could do this monumental task is this woman who wants nothing to do with him.

And this "Wonder Woman"...she is immediately lovable to the reader...We adore her right away. She is smart, so witty.

(The only thing I will share specifically about this book is my delight in the opening scenes...Never have I read anything that felt so real, hysterical and perfect...It brought back to so many personal memories of my Motherhood years, tears were running down my face from laughter)

She is also a good friend to another woman who has made the Ultimate Nanny Mistake.

Oh, what mistake is that you ask....Well, it is when the "AssHat High Profile Father of the Kids the Nanny is in charge of...makes the play and pretends he loves her, Beds her, Tells Her he is leaving the wife and they GET CAUGHT Mistake. "

Yeah... That One.

So we have our Amazing Gal...the Hollywood Super Star Talent and then to make things too good to be true...

The Daughter....

This Kid Is EVERYTHING....Not Too Sweet, Not a Brat, She is Human and Real... and Brilliant.
I want her. No, I Cannot Have her and Neither Can You... Because she is C.D.'s.
But We Can All Love Her.

So, this book has it all but more... it has an edge the Forbidden Readers will gobble up...
It has the Romance and Erotic Chemistry which will set the Kindles on fire....
Balanced with all of the additional plot points which will make you want to read this till the very end. The Heart Factor is through the roof because when you experience the kind of moments that are part of this book, I dare you to not feel anything.


OK I'm done. That is my 2 cents...

This is totally a stand alone... But if you would like to know a little bit more about some of the other characters in this story... then read Shuttergirl. I have a sneaky suspicion this is not going stay a stand alone for long....In my head I hear Hollywood A-List #2 calling....

ShutterGirl (The Hollywood Project, #1) by C.D. Reiss ShutterGirl The Hollywood Project, #1)

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.


If you want safe, don't read any of my books. Not even the cozy mysteries. Even the contemporary romance. You will not like them. Some of my books are darker than others, some are quite sweet and nice. But sometimes I think stuff is safe and it's not, but since I'm not going to change what I write or the way I write it, if you want safe books you should just avoid mine.

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