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Monday, March 27, 2017

Review by Diane ♥ Seat 2A by Dela

 A Review by Diane

3.25 stars 
(Yup…Three and a Quarter Stars)
* * * 1/4

Seat 2A… open seat on an airplane.  Who will sit in it?  First Class is where romances can begin.  It’s just two people side by side……what a great premise for a story.  Almost as good as someone falling into someone’s office. 

Jessie Evans is our 22 year old heroine, on her way to a dear friend’s wedding in Whistler, Canada.   Just hours before she broke up with her cheating boyfriend, who was supposed to be in Seat 2A.  So how did this hot, handsome guy end up in it instead? Awww, the things that can create a possible romance.

Kendal Vargas is the son of a prominent fashion family with money over spilling.  He’s on his way to Whistler to ski with some buddies and has somehow taking a liking to our Jessie.  Kendal displays it with teenage attraction (eating in front of her, criticizing her, chasing her, etc.)  Well I guess a 25 year old male’s brain is still developing.  But over the course of 24 hours these two go into “extreme like” and end up spending more time with each other than with their respective friends and the reason they are both in Whistler

Oh, I need to mention at this point Jessie DOES NOT give Kendal her true name.  She tells him her name is Brooke Evans.  After all he could be an airplane stalker.  Why take the risk, right??  And Kendal never gives his last name, afraid she’ll like him for his family’s money, or name or whatever.  But then through a twist of fate, they are separated and how do you find someone when you don’t even know their true name?  Great story, great writing, loved the banter between the characters up to this point, but then things kind of started to drag for me.  I found too many pages dealing with “game-playing” between the characters after they found each other again.  I just couldn’t buy the 7 year gap.  Come on… the age of technology you’re telling me Kendal couldn’t have found Jessie somehow??  Facebook, tracing her through friends who he had met, come on…his name was Vargas…… fashion icon family.  That should have opened doors to information instead of closing them.  And what about Jessie??  She did learn the reason Kendal had to leave suddenly.  She knew his correct name.  And she sat paralyzed, despite her ups and downs.  Get some backbone girl. 

When Jessie and Kendal are together after the 7 year gap, it’s the same conversation over and over.  No one can commit.  Not to their future, not to their career, not to their life, not to each other, etc.   And maybe I like my romances a bit steamier and hot.  When these two finally did make the “big leap” it was sweet, but short lived.

The book is a “whimsical (you get that when you read the book) and enjoyable read, but I’m going to sum the book up with a line near the end when a family friend is helping Kendal pick something out for Jessie…”You waited way too long…..that’s why she’s upset.”   I guess things waited way too long for me as a reader too. 

 A copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Welcome to my page! I'm Dela, and I wrote THE 52ND, BEYOND THE NEON SHORE (coming June 2017) and SEAT 2A (March 27, 2017). I'm a firm lover of tacos, neon lights, and snowboarding. Oh, and I like your face.

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