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Friday, February 17, 2017

Blog Tour/Review ♥ The Billionaire's Runaway Fiancee by Jenna Bayley-Burke ♥

Title: The Billionaire's Runaway Fiancée
Author: Jenna Bayley-Burke
Release Date: Feb 13, 2017
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Robyn Tindall’s new boss has a penchant for running off new personal assistants before lunch, but she’s not about to let herself be fired by the billionaire with a bad attitude, no matter how good he looks. She’s determined to be indispensable and unflappable, until he surprises her with a crazy proposal.

Curtis Frye is impressed with his new assistant’s dedication and decides she could be the answer to his publicity problems if only she’ll agree to marry him. It’s the perfect plan. He can offer her the world—everything he thinks a woman desires. But Robyn doesn’t want anything money can buy. She wants a happily ever after with a man who loves her. If only he can convince her love is off the table, not to mention convince his heart of that…


Review by Diane

****4 Stars****
A copy of this book was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.  

This was a very different billionaire marriage of convenience storyline.  We do have our billionaire (Curtis Frey) who is tall, dark and handsome and is CEO of Golden City, a Frye family property development conglomerate.  He has struggled his entire life to prove himself to the Frye family who adopted him when he was 9 years old and of course has "baggage" to deal with from that time prior to his adoption (sound familiar?).  Enter the ever faithful  personal assistant, Robyn Tindall, who manages Curtis, his entire life and is dedicated, loyal, and of course in love with her employer. Curtis wants out of the publicity and limelight that comes with being a major force in the business world and a Frye family member, and comes up with a scheme that if he's engaged, the media will lose interest in him.  He picks Robyn, his personal assistant,, and she agrees to be his fiancé first.  After realizing she can't fake being his fiancée because to her it is real......., she runs.  Not the most mature action, but she is only 23.  What surprises the reader is Curtis runs after her, trying to convince her to stay and continue the scheme.  This is where the bulk of the story takes place with Curtis pulling out all the stops to get her to stay with him as his "fake" fiancée. 

The banter between the characters is quick witted, but I could have used a little more conversations between the characters at times as they try to figure out the path they are now on.  Robyn and Curtis are drawn to each other and they're trying to figure out why, particularly Curtis.   The sexual chemistry won't disappoint either.!!!  Very romantic!!!  I did feel the ending of the book was rushed somewhat and could have had a little more time spent on it, but all in all it was a delightful read and one I would recommend. 

“No one will ever believe this day.” Robyn’s words had flowed like a waterfall after the second glass of champagne. Since her third, she’d been completely relaxed. “They’ll think I dreamed everything.”


“Please. My boss drove me around all day like a chauffeur, I was bum-rushed by paparazzi, had dinner with California’s most eligible bachelor, and he closed down one of the best restaurants in the city to talk to me about…wait. What was it you were going to ask me?” She pushed her glasses tighter against her face, making him want to pull them off. The glasses had to go. She had the prettiest green eyes, a bright green that shouldn’t be shrunken behind lenses thick as the bottom of wine bottles.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me.”

Her brows knit together. “The raise and the car said that. Dinner wasn’t necessary. Lovely, but—”

“We work very well together. I’d like for us to do more of that.”

“Are you promoting me?”

“Absolutely.” He reached into his pocket, gripping the blue box in his fist. He shouldn’t be nervous. This was business.

“But I’m not qualified to be a project manager.” She shifted in her seat, her lips twisting. “I learn quickly, and with a little mentoring I—”

Curtis cleared his throat as he set the ring box on the table between them and opened it to face her. “I was thinking of another position.”

By day, Jenna is faster than a speeding toddler, stronger than a stubborn husband, able to leap tall Lego structures in a single bound...but by night, while the family sleeps she writes romance novels where no one ever has to scoop up after the dog, change diapers, clip coupons, drive carpool, do laundry, mop floors, get silly putty out of hair, vacuum, empty the vacuum bag (gross!), exercise, count calories, apply bandaids, clean up puke...wait where was this going? Oh, Jenna writes romance because it is glamorous. Just ask the dog.

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