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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fidelity (Infidelity #5) by Aleatha Romig

 A Review by Wendy
4 Satisfying Ending Stars
* * * *
Spoiler Free

One must give a round of applause to Aleatha Romig... she accomplished a huge feat. She set out to do a series which had mystery, budding romance, discover of self and perseverance... and all the heart-stopping intrigue and cliffhangers a reader could want. This series did all of that and more.

It is not an easy thing to accomplish...with so many pitfalls to overcome. Yet in this series, we had pacing, heroes to root for and diabolical villains to hate...We had a young woman who was fighting to be her own person... and a man who was drawn to her, in spite of all his rules.

With so many series out there, it is easy to see how they can sometimes lose their way around Part 3 or 4...and then rush to finish and tie up all the plot points in part 5. For me that did not happen... each entry had its own power and place... even when I might have seen things coming... I still was in the moment till the end.

This last part was no different... It started right where the last entry finished and all of the urgency, concern and fear was there...Our ultimate baddie was in full awful mode trying to manipulate everything... We had a number of times when our hero and gal seemed to be riding off to the sunset... only to be drawn back into the fray...

If you love reading  a continuing series and can appreciate a good versus evil battle with complex plot points, a love story of two equally stubborn people meant for each other...and lots of sexy times when they are not being driven apart...

Then this Aleatha Romig series has been created for you...And Lucky You... all of the books are out there to binge read.

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