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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Release Blitz ♥ Laid Bare by Deanndra Hall ♥

Title: Laid Bare 
Series: The Witch of Endor 
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy Romance 
Author: Deanndra Hall 
Release Date: October 25, 2016

55M years of resolve. And only one man can break it.

Fifty-five million years. In that length of
time, you’d think Esther Summers could’ve found a man.

Thing is, she didn’t want to die.

But once she’s confronted with a danger that
she had almost forgotten about, it will take every resource she has to keep herself
from being ended. Her wits. Her powers. Her talents. Her circle of witch

And one hotter-than-sin heat and air guy,
Alan Hamlet. No HVAC unit on the planet could cool off the fire he lights
inside her.

In all her years of survival in Earth’s dimension,
Ez never factored in the desire she’d have for Alan, or the idea that any human
could get that close to her. But Alan throws every switch in her sex-starved
body and love-starved heart. 

Worse yet, every time she turns around, there he
is, acting as her protector, as if that’s his job.

As if he knows.

Laid Bare, the first book in the
Witch of Endor series, turns Ez’s world upside down and wrong side out. She
wants Alan. But is she dying to have him?


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Hall lives in far western Kentucky with her husband of 30+ years and three
crazy little dogs. She spent years writing advertising copy, marketing
materials, educational texts, and business correspondence, and designing
business forms and doing graphics design. After reading a very popular erotic
romance book, her partner said, “You can write better than this!” She decided
to try her hand at a novel. In the process, she fell in love with her funny,
smart, loving, sexy characters and the things they got into, and the novel
became the Love Under Construction series.

Deanndra enjoys all kinds of music, kayaking,
working out at the local gym, reading, and spending time with friends and
family. And chocolate’s always high on her list of favorite things!

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