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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blog Tour ♥ Magic's Lovers by Shelly McGowan ♥

Magic's Lovers
by: Shelly McGowan
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance



Shay Mallory has just
learned she comes from a long line of sorcery! She has inherited her Nanna’s
magic after her death and she has no idea how to control it. She has help from
those around her but the one that has her hot and blushing is the handsome sorcerer
from Canada, Pierce Gresham.

What would you do if
in twenty-four hours you lost your Nanna AND found out you came from a long
lineage of sorcery? I've inherited magic I can’t control, which has caused me
to blow up my laptop and almost destroy a fifty-thousand-dollar Ming vase. My
mother, while cold my whole life, is now even more cracked up than I originally
thought, and to top the whole day off, I’m supposed to marry a man I’ve been
betrothed to since I was five years old. There's not enough magic or Xanax to
fix these problems!

Come visit Seattle
where all the magic is happening!

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About Shelly

grew up in both Florida and Georgia, courtesy of divorced parents. Most of my
time in Florida was spent with my paternal Grandma who taught me about
antiques, old plantations and what “proper” etiquette was for young ladies. She
spent every minute trying to give me the world. Her lessons and love resonate
with me every day. When I was thirteen years old she handed me a very big
paperback book and told me to dream. From that moment on I have not stopped

I currently live in
the Seattle, Washington area. My days are filled with three wonderful young
children, four dogs, four cats and a geeky/nerd husband that is still squeeing
when a new Star Wars movie comes out.

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