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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cover Reveal ♥ Inevitable by AS Roberts ♥ #giveaway $10 GC

Title: Inevitable
Author: A.S. Roberts
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: August 16, 2016
Dirty talking, tattooed Nathan Blackmore has it all, at least that's what he wants everyone to believe. Six months ago the only woman he has ever loved walked out of his life. This super bike rider vowed never to look back and never to give his love again. Nathan's self destruct button was pressed.

But that was then and this is now.

When Nathan and Bella Carpenter come face to face all the old feelings resurface. Bella, an investigative journalist, has a secret. A secret that has come back to haunt her, she needs to disappear, and disappear quickly. With her life possibly in danger the only person she can trust, no longer trusts her.

He wants the truth.
She is determined to keep her secret.
But what they both feel makes their passion inevitable.

‘Running seems to be a goddamn habit of yours, Bella,’ a deep, rough voice stated.

My nails gripped the handrail as my feet froze in place and my head spun around so quickly I almost cricked my neck. I looked towards the broad expanse of French doors and I could just make out the shadow of a tall man behind the blowing nets. Slowly a large, very obviously male hand pulled the net curtain away to reveal himself… he didn’t need to, I knew it was him. Only Nathan made my whole being feel like it was standing on the edge of a huge precipice, but equally like I was right where I belonged.

As the wispy fabric was slowly drawn away my eyes took him in, from the feet upwards, heavy black biker boots, old dirty, ripped blue jeans and a battered looking black leather jacket that was pushed slightly up his forearms, exposing his leather wrist cuffs, heavily tattooed forearms and new silver heavy cuffs and chain. My eyes eventually made it to his face and I could see with remorse the young carefree man I had once known was no longer there. The mask he had slipped on previously was still in place.

How could six months make such a difference?

Gone was the shoulder-length, dirty-blond hair that I had so loved to pull on as we made love. It had been shaved up the back and sides, only leaving the top with any length and it was mussed up after he had probably, knowing him, run his hands through it after removing his bike helmet, which was now clasped in his left hand. His face somehow looked older and more worn, under the layer of stubble. I couldn’t yet meet his eyes, so I stupidly stared at his exposed neck instead, concentrating rather too long on his Adam’s apple as it moved up and down, stirring up longings within me that I would rather he didn’t see, but in my skimpy bikini I knew my body was screaming it out loud. My gaze lifted slightly to see him run his tongue unconsciously over his teeth and lips. I knew just what that bloody mouth could do, in speech and in action. The whole of my body was covered in goose bumps, even though the day was hot, just from that one simple involuntary movement.

I fought to move my gaze once again. Nathan had always had a lot of tattoos on his torso and down his arms, but I could see new ones peeking out of the top of an old tatty-edged white T-shirt, climbing up various parts of his neck. I summoned up the courage to lift my gaze and our eyes met. I almost gasped out loud, the beautiful, playful and carefree hazel eyes were so much darker than I remembered. It was as if the light had gone from his soul and had left behind only a wounded and damaged human being.

Surely this couldn’t all be on me?

I couldn’t have caused that.

‘I’d ask if you like what ya staring at… but there’s no need, as I can see you damn well do.’ The deep voice that I had missed so much reverberated over my sensitive, bare skin.

Nathan shifted his leather-clad body to lean against the doorframe and I felt his eyes sweep over my exposed body as he suddenly propelled himself forwards… towards me. My nails dug further into the handrail as I froze, awaiting his arrival. When finally, he stopped at the bottom of the steps, he inhaled deeply.

‘Your nipples are pointing at me… and your cunt is practically salivating… for me.’

He wasn’t wrong and we both knew it, I wanted him to touch me desperately…I wanted Nathan to connect with me… but the tall, dangerous, raw, unemotional man that stood so close to me now I hardly recognised, even if my unfaithful body did. I watched as he lifted his hand and traced my collarbone with his index finger, as though he wanted to feel me, but wouldn’t allow himself to. An involuntary groan left my slightly opened mouth. His hand dropped and fisted at his side.

Without even touching me, he turned and made his way back through the open French doors. As soon as I recovered, I quickly placed one foot in front of the other and started making my way back to my room… only pausing when I heard in the distance, a deep rumbling engine coming to life once again. In my hurry to get to the comfort and solitude of my room, I slipped and grazed my right shin down the sand-like edging of the step, ironic really, as it was supposed to help with grip. The pain was intense and I glanced down at my bleeding and stinging leg.

I fell face down on my bed and fought back the tears that threatened to fall. I tried to convince myself it was from my painful leg that I had just abraded, but I knew it was from seeing the man I loved, broken by my own hand.

What the hell had I done?
I am a chocolate addict, children loving, mad woman. A self confessed book whore who reads more than she exercises.

Luckily I am married to the love of my life, together we have four boys and lots of dogs. I live in south east England, although I love to travel.

When I'm not reading... I can be found writing and drinking copious amounts of tea!


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