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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Release Blitz ♥ Angry As Nails Series by Hope Conrad ♥ #giveaway #KINDLEFIRE & $50 GCs

MADE Publicity is excited

to help introduce debut indie Author Hope Conrad! Conrad is releasing the first
four books in her Hard As Nails series this week! HARD TIME (Book
1) and HARD CASE (Book
2) are available now, HARD CORE
(Book 3) will release this Friday, May 27th, 2016 and HARD PLACE (Book
4) will release this Sunday, May 29th
2016!  HARD ACT (Book
5) will be releasing in July!  You seriously do not want to miss out on the
heroes of the Hard As Nails series! These men are broody, sinfully delicious
and so sweet they keep you coming back for more!

Muscled, tattooed, and irresistible.

Thomas Street is an ex-con, but before he got

out of prison, he locked eyes with her…

The moment Street sees Katie serving food in a

hellhole of a prison, he wants her. Her sweet little body against his. Under
his. Her screaming his name until she admits she’s never had better.

Now he’s found her again, working in a

bookstore of all places, and she’s just as gorgeous as he remembers. Only Katie
thinks he can be redeemed. That there’s a good man underneath his darkness.
He’s not so sure.

But then Katie becomes his. Katie and her

**Right now HARD TIME is only 99 cents**
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Rich, smooth, and


Rawlings keeps mobsters out of prison, but now he’s tasked with defending an
innocent woman who makes him imagine all the naughty things he can do to her…


battled his way to the top and now he’s the most successful lawyer in the
city. His clients have pasts even darker than his, so he avoids honest,
decent women.

The moment

he sees kindergarten teacher Rose, however, he’s overcome by desire. She has
blue eyes, pale skin and legs made to wrap around his hips. He wants
to push her sweet body against the wall and f**k her until she cries out
in complete surrender, but she deserves better than the monster hiding inside

Only Slate

can’t leave Rose alone because he’s the only one who can save her.


eventually he knows he won’t be able to resist temptation.


soul or not, he’s going to make Rose his in every way imaginable.
Purchase: Amazon

Built, tempting, and deadly.

Axel Jackson is an ex-marine,

haunted by what he’s done, but when he sees her, he dreams of the man he can

When Axel returns home, he’s

shrouded in darkness, unable to forget the blood that stains his hands or the
screams that haunt his dreams. When a dark force from his past offers him a
job, he wonders if taking it will be his salvation or his downfall.

Then he meets Alyssa, a waitress

working at a strip club, and he steps in just in time to save her.  She’s
beautiful, with her dark hair and darker eyes, with a body made for sin. He has
to protect her, but he can’t love her.

She’s too good for him. Too

innocent, too pure.

He knows he should let her go so

she can find a better man.

But all he wants is to claim her,

body and soul.
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Haunted, desirable, and determined.

Jericho Grant never thought he’d

survive the fires of hell only to get a shot at possessing his very own angel…

After suffering unbearable

loss, Jericho is gifted a second shot at happiness in the form of Delia
Faith, a fresh-faced, golden-eyed stepsister who adores him. She’s sweetness
and light, and Jericho never imagines she can be his, but he swears to protect
her, even from himself.

Then fate intervenes, ripping

Jericho’s world apart again, and he has no choice but to push Delia away in
order to keep her safe. When she walks out of his life, he fully embraces his
true nature, certain he’ll be lost in darkness forever.

Years later, a grown-up,

sexy-as-sin Delia strolls into Jericho’s garage, demanding answers.

He warns her he’s not strong

enough to turn her away a second time.

When she returns, he goes all in,

determined to prove what he’s always known: no one can ever love her the way he
Purchase: Amazon


Conrad writes sultry, intense contemporary romance. Her Hard As Nails series
features her favorite kind of heroes: bad boy alpha males whose quests for
redemption are fueled by their love for the strong women who take them on.

Find Hope Online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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