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Monday, May 30, 2016

Blog Tour ♥ The One by B.A. Sherman ♥


The One by B.A. Sherman
Book 2 of the #GregDornSeries
Genre: Psychological Thriller

The Ultimate Killing Machine or Something Else?

In this second book in the Greg Dorn Series, Denver police
officer Dorn wakes up one day to discover he is handcuffed to a bed in a
quasi-medical facility recovering from some serious wounds. He is in severe
pain and has no memory of how he got there. As his memory slowly returns, Dorn
is obsessed with getting home to his wife and daughter but finds he is being
held captive. He discovers that someone, somehow has tampered with his
identity—and his head. He is now being prepped by his captor to become a
“soldier” in a killing scheme intended to eradicate the enemy. “The General”
fails to realize the extent to which he has perfected his new killing machine.
Using his new skills, Greg escapes, jumps on a cargo train and heads home…but
his homecoming is nothing like he expected. 


The Test
By: B.A. Sherman
Release Date: May 1st, 2015



B.A. Sherman's passion is writing psychological thrillers.
He lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter and, when not writing novels,
he is a police officer in Colorado. He has been in law enforcement for 24
years. The Test is his first full-length novel.
The short stories and books he writes are based on
experiences he's had over the years, with "a heaping spoonful of
fiction," he says. He has published one short story, The Truth, currently
available on
When he's not writing and working, Brad enjoys hunting,
camping, fishing and skiing. These are areas he plans to write about in the
future, perhaps incorporating them into a thriller or two.

Twitter: @BAshermanstory