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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Release Blitz ♥ All The Broken Places by Anise Eden ♥

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Title: All The Broken Places (The Healing Edge #1)
Author: Anise Eden
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 16, 2016


All of Cate’s problems are in her head. That may be her greatest strength.

Cate Duncan is a promising young therapist, dedicated to her work. But after her mother’s suicide, she is seized by a paralyzing depression. To save her job, Cate agrees to enter a program with Dr. Angeline MacGregor, run by her stern son, Ben, and housed in a repurposed church. Cate doesn’t quite understand what the program entails, but she soon learns that the skills she will develop there may not only help her learn how to cope with her own problems, but will also lead her to a much greater purpose.

The MacGregor Group is a collection of alternative healers whose unconventional approaches include crystals, aura reading and psychics. They know that their life’s work invites skepticism, and welcome the chance to prove naysayers wrong. But they need the unique abilities that Cate can bring, and as she slides ever closer to her own abyss, they will do everything in their power to protect Cate from those who wish her harm―including herself.

A powerful novel of suspense and a wildly inventive start to this paranormal romance series, ALL THE BROKEN PLACES engages readers with its striking blend of the supernatural and the psychological.

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All The BRoken Places

“Just so I have a baseline,” Vani asked, “what do you already know about parapsychology?”

I bit my thumbnail and considered whether to be honest or diplomatic.

“Go ahead,” Ben quietly urged. “What you really think, remember?

I shot him a “don’t push me” look. “Okay, well,” I began, “all I know is that in grad school, they said it was a pseudoscience that kind of died out in the Eighties. They also said that a lot of scam artists were involved, and it had ties to the occult. And I’ve seen that reality TV show Ghost Trappers; they mention parapsychology on there sometimes.”

“Not bad,” Vani said. “Ghost Trappers is the extent of many people’s exposure. Allow me to tell you what parapsychology really is.” She turned to the board and wrote the definition as she spoke it. “It’s the scientific study of psychological phenomena that cannot be explained by the known laws of nature.”

So it was an actual field of study? I sat up straighter in my chair. “You mean things like aura reading, and being an empath?”

“Exactly.” Vani pointed to the hand she’d drawn. “There are five categories of these phenomena. The first is psychokinesis, in which the mind interacts with other people or objects from a distance. There are several sub-categories—the most well-known being telekinesis—but the only one we use here is psychic healing, which encompasses empathic submergence and empath healing.”

“Empath healing is the technique I told you about earlier,” Ben added.

“Right, I remember,” I said, trying to look cool rather than incredulous. “But wait, telekinesis? Isn’t that moving things with your mind?”

“Yes, although the jury’s still out on whether that exists,” Vani said. “Personally, I’ve never seen any evidence of it.”

“That’s because it’s bogus,” Ben grumbled.

Kai tsk-tsked. “Well, aren’t we judgy this afternoon.”

“As I was saying,” Vani said crisply, “that’s the first category.” She wrote “psychokinesis” along one finger of the hand. “The second category is clairvoyance, or the ability to see and know things about people or objects that others can’t. Aura reading fits in here, along with your other empathic gifts.”

In answer to my questioning look, Ben said, “Your abilities to pick up on other people’s emotions and to form the filaments you told us about.”

I nodded, feigning comprehension.

Vani wrote “clairvoyance” on the second finger. “Third is mediumship, or the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. I know you must have heard of that, Cate.”

“Yes.” Those scam psychic hotlines—and any number of scary movies I’d watched in high school that featured psychics sitting in dark rooms, wearing turbans and hoop earrings and staring into crystal balls.

Kai held out his arm and pretended to examine his fingernails. “That’s my area of expertise, in case you were wondering.”

“Oh, wow.” I forced myself to smile and nod. Kai, a medium; that seemed to fit. Anyone who believed they could talk to the dead must have an extremely fertile imagination, and Kai definitely had one if he believed in crystals and totems. Not that I doubted Kai’s sincerity, just his sense of reality.

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About The Author

Author and plant lover Anise Eden spends most of her time tucked away in her writing nook imagining things that aren’t there. On those rare occasions when she emerges from seclusion, Anise may be spotted in coffee shops, staring at her laptop screen and silently moving her lips as she reviews bits of dialogue. Although Anise claims that she’s the one in charge, the characters in her head do sometimes make her laugh out loud at inappropriate moments.

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