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Monday, February 15, 2016

Pre Order Blitz ♥ Dared by Kristina Borden ♥

Pre Order

Available for Pre-Order 
Are you ready for a different badboy 

romance where the female is equally as badass?
Meet Damien and Summer in this 

exciting, funny, and sexy romance!
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I am Damien Cole. Manager of Dallas’ Top Tattoo Shop “The Boneyard.”
I play the game by my own set of rules. I discard

women left and right.
Their only purpose is to cater to my sexual appetite. No woman will ever
tame my bad boy ways. I

am at the top of my game.

I am Summer Montgomery. My face has graced magazine covers all across the world. My looks will deceive you. I am 

a bad girl with a smart ass mouth and the attitude to back it up. Playing with me is like playing with fire. I will consume

you and swallow you whole.
When faced with temptation, which of these two badasses will fall first? 


The cockiness of her is enough to push me over 

the edge. I snatch her up and toss her over my lap as she giggles in response. She has clearly baited me and I admittedly walked

into yet another trap. She enjoys the power that she wields over me.

My hand comes down hard to crack against the

smooth skin of her bare ass. She laughs. My cock throbs. I hand out another spanking as I watch the slight pink begin to spread

and glow across her perfect bottom. This time she barely flinches. Her giggle sends jolts of electricity sparking straight to my


“Is that all you've got? Geesh, you really do need

some lessons.” she challenges as she props her ass up in the air higher. As my hand comes down again and meets the bottom of

her ass. I suddenly feel the wet liquid begin to soak my lap.

“You are one fucked up little piece of heaven.” My

head rears back as the laughter bursts from my lungs. I love the way her body responds to me. The way she not only matches me

but supersedes me.



Kristina Borden

Kristina Borden

resides in Corsicana, Tx with her husband. Kristina's only child is her fur baby, a Shih-Tzu named

 Kristina is an emerging author breaking into the

Indie community with her first book having been released in late 2015: The Imperfect Gift.

Kristina is a multi-genre author. Her current WIPS include a

Dark Erotica project as well as a Contemporary Romance Series expected to Release in 2016. 

She enjoys getting to know people and loves to hear when 

someone is touched or moved by her writing. Her passion for writing is driven by her need to inspire others, touch someone's life,

and simply share with the world the characters she brings to life on her pages.

Stalk Her: Facebook Twitter | Website | Goodreads | Amazon


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