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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Blitz ♥ Bound, Spanked & Loved Anthology ♥ #giveaway #KINDLEFIRE

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories
Publication date: February 9th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance
***14 ALL-NEW novellas! Available for a limited time only!***

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine’s Day Stories is the HOTTEST box set of the season, brought to you by fifteen New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of bdsm and spanking romance. Lose yourself in a whole lotta naughty with this sexy collection of ALL-NEW, standalone novellas sure to set your e-reader ablaze and leave you breathlessly panting for more.
Publisher’s Note: The stories included in this smoking hot collection are MF, MFM, and MMMF pairings. Some contain taboo subjects and no-holds barred BDSM and spanking scenes. All will make you blush hard. ***over 700 pages of brand new stories***
Stories Include:
Slab Hands by Annabel Joseph ~ Christine’s always been curious about spanking, and the bouncer at the bottom of the stairs has a magnificent set of hands. Once he learns about her secret disciplinary fantasies, he’s more than happy to put those hands to use…
Master Class: Initiation by Sierra Cartwright ~ When wanna-be sub Jennifer Berklee calls him Master and begs him to flog her, PI Logan Powell knows all his military training won’t be enough to keep his jaded heart safe. He intends to claim this sexy, innocent woman for his own…no matter the cost.
Theirs to Punish by Renee Rose ~ When a billionaire’s daughter-turned-ninja picked Casino Magnifico for a heist, she didn’t take into account one thing–actually–two. Twin owners Joe and Alex Jamison won’t hesitate to employ a little corporal punishment to bring the virgin socialite in line…
Lust Angel by Cari Silverwood ~ On good days, what falls from the heavens may be a naked woman. As an ex-SAS soldier, now private contractor, Adam is used to the unexpected, but nothing in life has prepared him for a fallen angel with a craving for spanking, bondage, and punishment.
Stepbrother Jerk by Natasha Knight ~ To buy her stepbrother’s silence, Lisa agrees to submit to his discipline, even though she has no idea what she’s in for. But Jace knows exactly what his stepsister needs and a bare bottom spanking is only the beginning.
His Runaway Valentine by Sue Lyndon ~ When a handsome stranger rides out of nowhere to rescue Nora from slavers, the runaway bride is shocked to learn he’s the very man to whom she was betrothed. There’s no escaping the arranged marriage now, and Luke is quick to make Nora understand that he expects not only obedience, but her absolute surrender.
Rose’s Are Red by Ashe Barker ~ Rose has had a crush on Iain McCain for years and when she spots her sexy ex-teacher with a whip in his hand at her favourite BDSM club her heart stills. Dare she approach him? A Valentine’s Day card might earn her the spanking she craves if she delivers it personally…on her knees.
His to Take by Kallista Dane ~ On the now-sexless, sterile Planet Earth, Dr. Selena Reston saves the life of Haldor, a Viking warrior from another world. His savage lovemaking shocks her and awakens her wild side. Though she craves his domination, can she build a life with him halfway across the galaxy?
Stepping It Up by Cara Bristol ~ Ariel had crushed on her stepbrother Hunter for years. But if he expects to win back her heart in one wicked weekend, he’ll have to step it up and take her in hand…the Rod and Cane Society way.
Claiming Chloe by Korey Mae Johnson ~ When she is left alone on Valentine’s Day, Chloe takes matters into her own hands. But going out exploring on her own on an alien planet turns out not to be the best idea she ever had, and when her three handsome alien mates end up having to rescue her, Chloe’s bare bottom will pay the price for her naughtiness.
Maud and the Secret Society of Saint Valentine by Emily Tilton ~ Maud has decided that the new boyfriend she’s crazy about can’t be serious when he tells her she needs a firm hand in the bedroom and everywhere else. The Secret Society of Saint Valentine begs to differ, and summons her to a tribunal where she’ll learn just how serious David is.
Dancing With a Dom by Katherine Deane ~ What do ballroom dancing, hard spankings, and mind-blowing orgasms have in common? I guess it depends who your dance partner is. The man smiling down at me, with his hand on my waist… he’s a Dom. And he wants to be mine this Valentine’s Day.
Taking the Human by Trent Evans ~ For Lukanos, a muscle bound, seven foot tall alien, abducting the beautiful human female was the easy part. Winning her heart–and not breaking his own–was something else entirely.
Sweet Birdie Blue by Alta Hensley ~ Rem Langston has no choice but to save the feisty Birdie Bluebell, whether she wants saving or not. Their icy beginning soon turns to a passion hot enough to melt the blizzard outside, but will Birdie accept Rem into her heart?

SNEAK A PEEK at a couple of books included in this boxed set:
Stepping it Up by Cara Bristol:
“Don’t run from me again,” he said sternly, but he didn’t blame her. He’d run the fastest and the furthest. Had run into the arms of too many other women in an attempt to outrun his feelings for her—until he ran smack into the truth. He loved her, and no other woman would do.


“Sir,” he instructed.

“No, sir.” Her husky voice would have given him a woody if he didn’t already have one.

“I’ll only come after you.” He slipped his hand through the open lapels of her robe and under her pajama shirt to cup her breast. She sucked in a breath through parted lips as he stroked the beaded tip to greater hardness. He watched her face as he pinched and rolled her nipples, enjoying the play of expressions, noting her reactions, gauging her pain tolerance.

He pushed her robe off her shoulders to puddle around her hips then tugged up her shirt and captured a reddened stiff bud in his mouth. With tongue and teeth, he teased moans of pleasure from her lips. She had sweet, sexy breasts, not too large but a good handful. Her rounded bottom pressed against his aching erection. Soon he would be inside her, would have her bottom up over his lap, and might even fuck her ass. But before they progressed to that level, a clear base of understanding needed to be established.

Actions did speak louder than words.

He tugged at her pajama shirt. “Take this off. The rest, too.” He eased her off his lap and tossed her robe onto the floor then rested his hands on his spread knees.

“B-but…what about…aren’t you…” Aren’t you going to undress? He could read the question in her eyes.

“Just do as I tell you.”

With only a slight hesitation, she stripped.

Then, with her hands fidgeting at her sides, she waited, like a good subbie. A natural.

From her rounded breasts, his gaze traveled over her tummy. A tiny gold ring pierced her navel. He didn’t remember that from summers at the lake or in the parents’ pool. “Is this new?” he asked.

“I got it a couple of years ago.”

“I like it.” It was sexy as hell and suggested she might consent to having her nipples or clitoral hood pierced. He eyed her mound. Bare. Perfect. He continued his slow visual tour, following the long lines of her legs down to her rosy toenails and then back up again to her face.

A blush tinted her cheekbones, but desire flickered in her eyes. She liked being on display for him. He’d bet anything her pussy was sopping wet.

Submissive to his Dominant. Feminine to his masculine. Light to his darkness. His perfect partner. What a fool he’d been to wait so long. Lust surged, and the need to stake his claim swelled, but he forced back the urge.

First things first. “I left a duffel by the front door. Please bring it to me.”

She left the room. He admired the backside view. Her ass belonged to him.

She came back with the bag.

“Set it there.” He pointed to a spot beside the sofa.

Curiosity lit her gaze, but she didn’t ask about it. He liked how she waited for his instruction. He’d do more than that. He’d show her. He wasn’t sure yet how much of the bag’s contents he would use tonight, but he wanted his supplies within easy reach. “At the party, I was going to tell you about the Rod and Cane Society.”

That got a reaction. She planted her hands on her hips. “You want to talk about that now?” She looked so cute standing their naked and feisty. Not cute—fucking amazing. His fantasy come to life. He desired an obedient, submissive partner, but not a doormat.

“It bears on what’s going to happen next.”

“Aren’t we going to have sex?”

“Yes, but not until after I spank you.”
Rose’s Are Red by Ashe Barker:
I know when he approaches me, I can sense him, right behind me. I lift my head when he lays his hand across my hair. My eyes are closed. He strokes my hair, then closes his fist around a handful of it. He tugs my head back and around to face him as he crouches beside me.

“Look at me, Rose.” His voice is not harsh, but I know I must obey.

I open my eyes. His face is close to mine, his own eyes a deep blue, more intent than before, and his handsome features hardened into that Dom mask I recognise. I should be scared. Incredibly, the more controlling he becomes the safer I feel.


He breaks our connection to peruse my naked body, then captures my gaze again. “You’re beautiful, little sub.”

“So are you, Sir.”

He smiles. “You think so now. I may be able to cure you of that. I’m going to start by clamping your nipples.”

My reservations of just moments ago evaporate. “Yes, Sir. Thank you.”

“Put your hands behind your head.”

I lift my arms and do as he tells me. He strides across to the chest of drawers where he picks up a pair of clamps, then returns to stand in front of me. He opens his hand before my face to allow me to study the delicate-looking tweezer clamps, then he slips them into his jeans pocket.

“Stand up, Rose, and keep still.”

It’s not so easy to comply with my hands positioned as they are but I manage to get to my feet. I know what to expect. He will squeeze and twist my nipples to make them erect, hard as pebbles, then he’ll apply the clamps. This will hurt. It’s my first test.

“Look at me while I do this. Don’t look away, don’t lower your eyes, or close them. I have no near neighbours so no one will be disturbed. You can be as vocal as you please. Do not suffer in silence, I expect you to let me know how you are feeling.”

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper.

He takes each of my nipples between his fingers and thumbs and tightens his grip, He tugs, and I step toward him.

“Did I tell you to move?”

“No, Sir. I apologise.”

“No, indeed. I distinctly instructed you to keep still. I expect you to obey.”

“I’m sorry. I will, Sir.”

“We’ll try again then. Remember, you have safe words if you need them.”

I gnaw on my lower lip as he takes my nipples in his harsh grip again and goes to work. He compresses the tender buds between his fingers and thumbs until I can’t contain my squeal of pain. Only then does he stop ramping up the pressure, though he does not reduce it one jot. He twists, tugs, tortures the swollen peaks as I yelp and whimper in pain. The entire time his gaze is locked on mine, his eyes searching for – what?

It’s too much. I open my mouth to utter yellow, though it might come out as red.

Author Bio:
Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of BDSM and kinky, dark-erotic fiction. Contemporary Mff romance, urban fantasy, steampunk, scifi, historical, and erotic parody have all fallen under her pen.
Annabel Joseph is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling BDSM romance author known for her emotionally intense storylines. She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras.
Natasha Knight is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in Erotic Sci-fi and a top 10 bestseller in several other categories, including Military Romance, BDSM erotica and Paranormal Erotica. Her books include spanking romance, and, more recently, dark romances.
Trent Evans is a #1 Amazon best-selling author in Military Romance, along with top 100 spots in several other romance and erotica genres. As both a writer and editor, he specializes in BDSM romance and erotica, his stories often exploring the darker, more intense aspects of power exchange. Though he still thinks of himself as nothing more than a dancing monkey, miraculously, people still pay him for his work.
Alta Hensley is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author who has had top-selling books in erotic science fiction, humor, BDSM and historical. She writes the naughty...and then the cure for it.
Sue Lyndon is a #1 Amazon bestseller in BDSM Erotica and Sci-Fi Erotica, as well as an Amazon Top 100 Erotic and Science Fiction author. She writes naughty spanking romances in a variety of genres, from contemporary to historical to fantasy.
Ashe Barker is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author in LGBT, as well as having numerous spells in the Top 100 erotic and BDSM charts. She writes contemporary and historical romance, with a strong BDSM flavour, the hotter the better
Cara Bristol is a #1 Amazon best seller in science fiction romance and an ARe Bestseller. She writes contemporary, science fiction, and paranormal erotic romance.
Sierra Cartwright is an award-winning, #1 Amazon and international best selling author of contemporary BDSM romance. "If you're not reading her books, you're missing out."--Confessions From Romaholics
Emily Tilton, whose books have hit number one on Amazon in four different erotica categories, wishes she could live out her fantasies of submission the way her characters do.
Kallista Dane is a #1 Amazon best-selling author in Sci-fi erotica, as well as a Top 100 author of deliciously naughty spanking stories in BDSM, Erotic Suspense and Historical Romance.
Katherine Deane is a multi published, top 100 erotic and BDSM author. She writes sweet and sexy spanking romances that always have an HEA.
Korey Mae Johnson is an author, a cover artist, and the co-owner of Stormy Night Publications. She enjoys writing kink-themed erotic romance with unique characters and settings, and her two top-selling books have each sold over 8,000 copies.
Renee Rose is a #1 Amazon best-seller in Erotic Paranormal and Erotic Sci-fi categories and a top 5 best seller in Erotic Suspense. She was named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author.

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