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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cover Reveal ♥ Soul Stealer by Lashell Collins ♥ #giveaway $25 GC

Soul Stealer Cover Reveal

Author Lashell Collins

Genre:Paranormal/Shifter/Rock Star Romance

Publication Date: December 6, 2015

In a world where
human-shifter relations are often volatile and riddled with unfair presumptions
on both sides, Aleigha Daniels finds it difficult to trust. Fairytales are for
little girls because in real life, men cheat. Something Aleigha knows all too
well. There are no enchanted castles and no prince charmings who will sweep you
off your feet. So when she's forced into interviewing the sexy, enigmatic, and
eccentric shifter rock star, Morpheus Wolfe, at his creepy mansion out in the
middle of nowhere, all Aleigha can see is the fear inside her own heart. And
when circumstances trap her there, Aleigha begins a journey she never expected
to take. What she doesn't know is that Morpheus has an agenda, and sometimes
fairytales do come true.

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“What do you do for fun?”
“For fun?” Aleigha looked at him as though she didn’t fully understand
the concept.
“Fun. Enjoyment. An activity engaged in purely for amusement …
like sex, for instance.” He stared into her eyes, and Aleigha was certain that
he was merely attempting to get a rise out of her.
“Sex is not an activity for pure amusement, Mr. Wolfe. It has a
“Hmm. Procreation of the species.” He nodded his head as his
bright amber eyes bored into hers. “If that’s all you’re using it for, Ms.
Daniels, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re doing it all wrong.”
“How I may, or may not use sex is none of your concern, Mr.
“But it could be, if you’d let me help you out with that little
problem of yours.” His smile was almost salacious as his eyes roamed over her
“Problem? I wasn’t aware I had a problem.” Aleigha glared at him
as she tried to get her temper under control. The fact that she liked the way
he looked at her only served to make her angrier.
“Oh, you have a very big problem.”
“Is that so?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“What’s my problem, Mr. Wolfe? Please enlighten me.”
“You’re a little uptight, Ms. Daniels.”
“Uptight? I’m uptight?”
“Yes. Uptight.”
“I think you’re mistaking uptight for professional,
sir! I am not a groupie! I know you’re supposed to be some kind of rock and
roll guitar god, but I’m not impressed in the least. I find you rude, arrogant,
and highly inappropriate! You get off on this whole super scary shifter persona
and try to make yourself seem really deep and intellectual, when in reality you
are nothing more than common shifter riffraff!”
“Ah, there it is. Well, that didn’t take long, did it?” Morpheus
eyed her with an expression of triumph.
“What are you talking about? There what is?”
“Your true feelings, Ms. Daniels. I knew they would show up
Aleigha was instantly pissed. “You know nothing about my true
feelings, Mr. Wolfe. You don’t know anything about me!”
“I know you don’t want to be here doing this interview. You’re
only here to save your father’s show. I suspect you don’t want to be anywhere
near me at all, and why would you? I’m a monster, right? I’m the beast you’ve
been warned about. But tell me something, just to satisfy my own curiosity.” He
leaned in close to her, causing Aleigha to draw in a deep breath and hold it as
his amber eyes seemed to look into her soul. “Is it just me who terrifies you,
Ms. Daniels, or is it all shifters?”

Lashell Collins is an American author of romantic suspense,
paranormal romance and rockstar romance. She walks to the beat of her own drum,
but that’s okay ’cause she’s got a pretty good sense of rhythm. Basically,
she’s a geeky, quirky, laid-back, rocker-loving kinda girl who’s married to a
retired cop, motorcycle-riding, bad-boy alpha all her own, and she likes to
write about sexy police officers, werewolves and rockstars, or some inventive
combination of the three! When she’s not busy tapping away on her laptop and
living vicariously through her characters, she can usually be found watching
Grimm, rocking out to Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, stuffing
her face full of Chinese food, or riding on the back of her husband’s
Harley-Davidson. Between her book characters and the ones she knows in real life,
her plate stays pretty full. But she loves to hear from readers, so give her a
shout sometime!

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