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Friday, January 9, 2015

Love Garage (Love Brothers #1) by Liz Crowe

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Rowdy Brothers and Their Women Stars
 * * * 1/2

Tight Knit Families... ya got to love them... but with the closeness comes all the family stuff... who is the top dog... who is the baby of the family...who is the favorite...all of these things come into play and when you have 4 strapping, hunky, stubborn in their own right men as brothers with a sister and parents who rule the roost... then you have the basis for the Love Brothers and their stories. 

It is based out of Kentucky and in an area which was a small town and now developed into a suburb of Lexington. This family has the auto shop, beer brewery and pub. They have been there, raised these boys there and now they are full grown men. In the opening story, Aiden the younger brother is returning home feeling like he will be put through the ringer... He left; declaring he wanted to be a writer and his book someday will be published... Well, 2 degrees later and a masters program not completed... his book is written... just not well loved by his professors...lost and defeated... he is back to lick his wounds and figure things out.

He has to suck it up and allow his oldest brother Antony to put him through the grovel wringer... as he needs a job and place to live... During his waiting for the verdict, Rosalee comes to the shop. Aiden remembers her being married to Antony's buddy. Her son runs out of the car and straight into Aiden's arms. Little Jeff takes to him... and while he is holding Jeff... Antony is talking softly to Rosalee...Aiden wonders..are they a thing... wasn't she married to Antony's best friend...Turns out she was, and he passed away while in the service...Antony is looking out for her... being there, least that is what he says...

Rosalee looks at Aiden...He to her... and there is something...both feel it... But there is a Huge But...Because Antony is what she needs for her son...he is the brother she should be matched with... and Aiden is the player... hooking up with many... and it started during high school and hasn't seemed to stop... so both should be off limits to each other.... 

This new family saga has rich character development and style. You are part of their basketball games, pool bbq's and holiday parties. You are also part of all the brothers squaring off where fighting it out happens a lot. The swearing jar gets filled regularly by this bunch.... and the glue which holds them all together is their amazing mother... who is battling with all her own stubborn will to defeat an illness which keeps coming back.

This does have cheating and a love triangle as its focus. Things end well, however it should be noted.

It is not easy to draw readers in and have them become interested about a family with so many pieces... with a puzzle to put together and somehow have it be complete with HEA. Ms. Crowe works her magic and a series is born. There will be more about this family and all the real issues a family works through.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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