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Friday, January 9, 2015

Love Coach (Love Brothers #2) by Liz Crowe

A Review by Wendy
3.5 Loving the One You Should Stars 
* * * 1/2

What I have discovered about this series is how the author presents real people with real issues... no one is perfect or without flaws...just like in real life. Relatives we have will do things or say things which may strike an unhappy chord... or they may just be the Aunt or Uncle you could do without...Families have so many different dynamics.. it can become difficult to remember who is pissed at who...

There also something which seems to run through these Love Brothers... they allow their little heads to make important decisions their big heads should...because this installment has cheating once again.

And this cheating cannot be done in a vacuum... no, it is done with the high school sweetheart who broke our middle son, Kieran's heart. Cara lied and told him just before she started college... she never loved him and broke him.. Kieran was destined to play professional Basketball... got picked by Miami...played and then had a career ending, brutal accident on the court. Back home it took him a while to get his head together. It seemed he was almost there...found a woman...became engaged and started to settle in.    

Cara went on with her life...knowing she made a mistake... but she also thought she had moved on... was wooed by a wealthy man who made her feel safe and cared for...became engaged and she settled in, too. 

Until a perfect storm happens and both these two connect again on a level which in a drunken haze cause both their lives to tilt; causing all sorts of hurdles. Both are supposedly tied to others... but the pull to each other will not be denied. 

While we experience this part of the tale there is another story brewing... Dominic, the second son... the dark brooding, tattooed and pierced son has been carrying weight on his back. His Mother senses it and we become engrossed with what is happening with him...

This book was well written and gave us a lot to think about. I did have some issues with the main focus of the story due to the cheating... I have difficulty liking characters who do it...however... it happens in the real world and this family is reality based.

This is a complex family...they have many parts which will either butt heads or give advice... but always love one another.

The next book with be Dominic's and I think this will be the most interesting of all.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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