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Monday, September 8, 2014

Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan

A Review By Wendy
4 Small Town Challenges Stars
 * * * *

Small towns have a special type of charm... but like that beautiful poison apple... all shiny and pretty... sometimes there can be a little something rotten there too....

Overcoming the "sins" of a mother and all the gossip, has been the sole focus of Jenna. She has made something of herself the hard way...studied hard, past all the tests and is now the Kindergarten teacher in her home town. She has been working relentlessly acquiring funding for an after school program for the children of the town. Her own childhood was marred by a mother addicted to the rush of falling in love and taste of whiskey. The remembrance of the verbal on-slot of ugly words and no place to go as a child has motivated her to put this program together. She survived... but the little kids she teaches are now the ones who sometimes are needing an escape. But the choke hold of small town gossips painting her with the sins of her mother may cause her to lose out on running the program. 

Jenna isn't the only one who has a rep to fight from childhood; Colt has his own actions after his parent's death which gave the rumor mill plenty to pass around. The only difference is he left town at 18 and became a rodeo star... and when fame comes... people will turn a blind eye. 

These two meet during an out of town rescue. Colt's sister knew Jenna was at a rowdy bar and asked him to get her out of there. He does and all the pent up teenage desire both of them had years ago shows up front and center. Jenna sees this as an opportunity to actually have a little fun without the town watching her every move... but lays out specific conditions... this is a one time only ... they can go for broke and ride each other hard... but once it is done... it is done.

Well, hot damn... Colt can't say no... and the two of them ignite and personal explosions happen. It may have been great but Jenna knows this was not happening again... she has to revert back to the schoolmarm... all buttoned up and pure... if there is any chance of her getting this school program to happen.

Fate is interesting... and Colt gets thrown from a mean 5,000 pound bull... sidelining him from the circuit bringing him home at his sister's to recuperate. He has decided he doesn't want to stay away from Jenna... and the pull of Colt is so strong, it is causing her brain freezes... but town eyes are everywhere... 

This is a fast read with hot bodies wanting to get together against all odds. It presents how people can be hurt by the words of others... and how cruel it is to be judged on actions not your own. Both main characters think they are ashamed of each other... when they realize that is not the case... they grow and develop the strength to fight small minds... and open their hearts to each other.

This couple was endearing... they had minor angst but all worked out well in the end.  

A gifted copy was provided by Entangled/Brazen Publishing for an honest review.

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