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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Out of Control (a Babysitting a Billionaire) By Nina Croft

A Review By Wendy
3.5 Protection, Healing, Recognition Stars 
* * * 1/2

As time passes, we have all recognized the sacrifice and dedication our Armed Services have experienced. This is reflected in many ways; the news talks about our Veterans, employers are hopefully giving special consideration in hiring, and there has also been a huge influx of stories written with Veterans as main characters performing in many different careers. Security and Bodyguard needs in today's world has actually become common place, so it is a natural transition for Vets to segue into these fields. With this happening, Nina Croft came up with something unique, in my opinion. She gave us Danielle Sinclair.

Danielle or Dani, as she was known, was in the Army... served well and was injured. She is in the process of healing her leg and getting her body back into shape so she can return. In order to go back, she must pass the required physical and endurance tests. She has a limited time and just needs to focus. Her buddies from when she served have a security firm which caters to all types of needs. Right now Jake needs Danielle to handle a situation right up her alley... a big time, high profile writer/producer of films has been getting all kinds of threats due to the last film he did... it seems the subject matter ticked off a couple of fractions; the mafia and bikers as to the film's accuracy. Because Danielle has a particular talent... Jake has set her up to go to Spain and cover and protect this man, Zachery.

The target of these threats, Zachery Hunter, refuses police protection... he doesn't want these cowards to think he is scared... yet he has taken the advice of those who are in the know... and secured protection from Jake's company. He has been informed his new bodyguard, Dani will be arriving and ready to meet. He, of course, assumes Dani is a guy. When he sees a petite, attractive redhead emerging from the guesthouse near the pool, he figures this gal must be with either his other bodyguards, Simon or Gary. He makes his way over... eyes her up and down and makes a couple of flirtatious statements with the intent of hopefully acting on them .. which would be in keeping with his playboy" reputation, after all. Just when things are about to get snippy between the both of them... Gary walks up to introduces Dani as the new addition watching out for Zach... He is stunned and insults her by calling Dani "Tinker Bell"... and cannot see her as the specialist needed to protect him. 

Tempers flare... words are spoken and right off, the both of them are ready to call it quits. It seems Dani is "the expert" in canine security and special dogs have been shipped over to be used to protect Zach from any bombs or situations which may occur. Dani's handling of these animals is highly skilled and she was trained and used in this capacity in the service.

What happens next is not surprising... there is a chemistry which develops between the two characters. We watch Zach become attached and attracted to Dani. He is very clear in this attraction and doesn't promise any real relationship. Dani has her own issues as the Army has been her family and comfort for more than 10 years... can she actually make it outside that environment... as it is the only one she knows....

What I liked about this story was the incorporation of Dani and how she had been at a crossroads in her life. She went through a personal arc.... trying to see if she could fit in with civilians and live in that world. I also liked the presentation of the canine unit for security.... understanding how important they have been in the Armed Services...and how their special training and handlers develop the bonds they do. The ending was a little rushed with the conclusion happening and everything tied up in a pretty bow.... but over all the read went fast and I was entertained.

Nina Croft gave us characters who needed to live and and share their lives with each other... we got to experience the development and questioning if this could take place.

A gifted copy was provided by Entangled/Brazen Publishing for an honest review

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