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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tour/Review - Spin (Songs of Corruption #1) by C.D. Reiss (#giveaway $5 GC)

A Review by Wendy

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars


Title: Spin (Songs of Corruption #1)
Author: C. D. Reiss
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 12, 2014



Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cyclone.

Gorgeous and passionate, with a breathtaking brutality, he put me under his spell the moment he touched me, drawing me into his underworld of risk, violence and betrayal.

And I found, just as this sophisticated savage didn’t trust me, I didn’t trust myself. Something happened to me. Some alchemy from the heat between us.

I discovered I was a savage, too.

***You do NOT need to read Songs of Submission to read Spin***

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A Review by Wendy

There is no Labeling How Great this is With Just Stars…

What do you say when you get to have the experiences you want; the ones you dream of? You anticipate and then it happens… Every time I read words pulled from the depth of C.D. Reiss’ mind, I experience things I didn’t know I wanted. It happened with Songs of Submission and continues with Spin, Songs of Corruption #1. 

Those who have experienced Songs of Submission know of what I speak. There is a flow; a way the words seep into your being and take over the rhythm of your heart. She will start this invasion in all sorts of ways… it can be in your face; brutal, blunt and feral… or it can be sly and subtle with words linking together to lull you into a spell so strong and fierce you are not aware of it happening until she pulls the string taut.

She doesn’t abandon you, ever…. No, she leaves little bread crumbs along the trail to give you just enough courage to continue down that slippery slope of longing… of wanting so hard to feel every little moment, you get amnesia…. any possible thought process which would cause you to think anything other than this experience is gone from your mind.

I am not going to discuss the specifics of this book, like characters or plot points because there will be others more masterful than myself in the telling.

But know this… 

If you have followed any of thoughts or observations I have given in the past about books, understand I speak the truth as I see it to be… This author has created a world, with real characters that have a fever for each other which will infect you and there is no cure. You will welcome the flush sensation to your body; you will know this is something you will now have to handle as best you can. You will look at things differently in your everyday life and wonder in inopportune times… if I had this option, would I take it… live to the fullest … be on the verge… feel the thrill or would I run the other way…. 

We will be having more from Ms. Reiss. She will be continuing this tale over the coming months… and I will be following into her deep, dark, forest scented world. 

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

About the Author

CD Reiss lives smack in the middle of Los Angeles with her children and husband. She likes to make pretty pictures and write dirty scenes. She eats dark chocolate and chili, together, sometimes with bacon, and doesn't care what you think about that.

There are a million more things she could tell you about herself besides that, but they're all too boring to mention in company.


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