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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - His Favorite Regret by Sydney Strand

A Review by Carol

Book – His Favorite Regret (His Favorite #1)
Author – Sydney Strand
Publication Date – January 22,, 2014
Type – No Cliffhanger Series
Genre – Romance, Humor
Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.


Cadie Calhoun Wade is having a helluva week. She's the Thing of Honor for her sister's wedding. She's finalizing her divorce. The neighbor's dog keeps stealing into her house and treating her feet like a salt lick. And it's a certain anniversary for a day that still stays with her, even a year later.

Her childhood best friend is also back in town. And not any ol' friend, either. Bo Garrett just happens to be the most famous action hero in the world.

And boy, has Bo missed his Cadie! They parted on such dumb, stupid, moronic terms. And now that he's back in Phoenix to get some outside shots for his latest alien flick, he's not about to let her slip away again. Of course, his agent only has dollar signs in his eyes and thinks Cadie's no Angelina. Bo's sisters have a bit of a vendetta against her, too.

With the week Cadie's having, she wonders if it's just too much. That they just weren't meant to be.

Which means Bo needs to work overtime to convince her otherwise. Luckily, an action star knows when and how to flash his smile and his muscles. And when to let the heart do the talking instead.

Especially when it comes to the girl who was his biggest regret.


I wouldn’t say that this story is a complete comedy, I found myself crying at certain spots….getting angry at others and snorting out my ice tea in a few.  This story hits so many emotions that I would label it an “All around Romance”.  I fell in love with Cadie and especially Bo….WOW….what can I say about a god on steroids?  He stole my heart.

This was such a sweet break from all the “angsty” new-adult books I have been reading…this is light-hearted with a touch of bitterness, jealousness, sadness and anger – but I can’t explain it correctly…even with all that drama – the author was able to keep it light and adorable.

Ms. Strand did a stand up job of keeping this story “REAL” – there wasn’t a time in the book that I felt I was reading an overly dramatic fairy tale….this takes the nitty gritty shit of everyday life and puts a spin on it!

Well done Ms. Strand!



Did you ever wonder what happened to an old crush from high school?  The one you thought ran away from you and made it big without even a thought about the past?

That’s what Cadie wonders when Bo comes back into his home town to film part of his movie – but it’s not the way Cadie thinks – Bo is there for one reason and one reason only….to win back the heart of his old flame.

They hurdle over obstacle after obstacle while Cadie tries to settle her life and Bo tries to keep the animals at bay.


Girls…take out your high school yearbooks and find that old crush….he may just be taking a plane with ulterior motives right now!

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