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Friday, March 21, 2014

Invincible by Alana Albertson

A Review By Wendy
3 Signed, SEALed, and Delivered Stars

We live our lives every day and don’t think about all of the horrific events which take place all around the world. Does that make us heartless… no it makes us normal everyday people. Until something happens and it is brought to our attention either through the media or because of a personal connection, we do not think of the evil which takes place every hour of every day.

Invincible by Alana Albertson addresses just that… every day people being captured; taken and turned into sex slaves. Annie was on a cruise with her boyfriend; got drunk and somehow disappeared while the ship was docked. There was conjecture of her
  1. .     Being murdered by the boyfriend
  2. .     Distraught, depressed and  committing suicide
  3. .     Falling overboard and drowning
  4.      Her possibly being abducted and sold into the sex slave industry

The boyfriend’s life was ruined and forever tainted as the guy who may have murdered his girlfriend; the parents presented themselves as heartbroken. They put out a $300,000 reward for their daughter and was even taken by con artists claiming able to find her.

These things had been in the news and years went by. Patrick is minding his own business; he and his other SEAL team members are in Curacao on leave from their vessel and looking to cut loose. Patrick doesn’t look for tourist playmates; he likes to have no ties; no feelings; just a sure thing. Sex he pays for. Is he proud of it, no…. but he knows what he needs… a quick release and done. 
He finds a brothel, sees a gal with haunted eyes and asks for her.

As he gets ready to leave from the quick relief he allowed himself, the girl looks at him and quietly says she is an American citizen abducted 5 years ago from a cruise ship and he is her last hope. He leaves and is confused, angry and pulled in a few directions. He can’t believe this is happening and because he is who he is…. Meaning Navy SEAL… he will decide to look into this claim from this girl. She did have the California accent he was so familiar with and in the back of his head he thought there was something nagging him about her. In addition to all of these gut feeling he is having… she had the craziest tattoo on her ankle of a cartoon character he remembered from his own life.

He goes and looks on the net and discovers all of the information he needs to verify what she said is true….. from the tattoo to the scar she had on her shoulder. Now he is in a hole… all of his training and protective urges call to him… how in the hell is he going to get her out of there… because there is no doubt…. That is what he is going to do…. Get this girl out and back to her family…. End of story.

Except there are a couple of problems…. Like it is against regs to do anything like this; he could lose his career. If he goes through channels it will take forever and the locals are probably on the take so the girl will be gone or worse…

No, Patrick Walsh, Navy SEAL will bring in his fellow brothers who he trusts and they will handle it on their own.

This story is told from Patrick’s POV and he has a very distinct concept of how things are supposed to be. He has seen and even experienced cheating girlfriends and wives; this has formed his ideas of relationships while being a SEAL. They just don’t work. He respects women; his mother was an amazing one but fell for the wrong men. He does have issues with women in the service and on the frontlines; they can do administrative stuff and nursing but they really have no play in harm’s way.

He is sure in his not getting involved until retirement…. Until Annie…

Annie has survived this ordeal for 5 years by holding onto hope…. And somehow, through all of this, has held onto some inner strength.

Was this a realistic story of how someone would be saved from this type of life? I really don’t know. I do know the intent was a positive one with the imparting of the SEAL’s code throughout the book. I do think the addressing of young college age women disappearing is important and anything which causes the spotlight on a terrible situation is good.

This is written with secondary characters ready to have their own tale.  
A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Alana Albertson is a multi-award winning author and the former President of both Romance Writers of America’s Young Adult and Chick Lit chapters. She is the founder of Academe Advantage, a college admissions & test preparation company. Alana Albertson holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University. A recovering professional ballroom dancer, Alana currently writes contemporary romance, new adult and young adult fiction. She lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two young sons, and four dogs. When she’s not spending her time playing with her sons, dancing, or saving dogs from high kill shelters through Pugs N Roses, the rescue she founded, she can be found watching episodes Homeland, Witches of East End, or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

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