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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

End Of Innocence By Alessandra Torres

A Review By Wendy

4.5 , Part Discovery, Part Realization, All Aligning Stars 
* * * * 1/2

This was the last phase of our journey with the Dynamic Brad De Luca and his actual true love, Julia. We, as readers, were privy to all they went through to get to this stage.... and as thrilling and consuming as it was....this last part of the journey gave us a ride like no other. 

The opening teases us with Julia in a very difficult position... she is not in her usual element; we learn of her situation and worry for her. We then travel back a year from that walk hand in hand through everything this couple experiences leading up to where Julia was left. 

This is a story which shows how two self possessed individuals can somehow come together and make it work... to leave themselves open to each other. Brad, in all his glory, has shown Julia what to expect from him... he is loyal, protective, encouraging and forward thinking. He is full of surprises as he listens and hears Julia when she is talking. These two have a real loving relationship and the best part from my standpoint is the TRUE communication they have with each other.

Because with this level of trust and communication, they are able to be free; free to be the sexual beings they both need to be...and with that freedom, they always are connected to each other....wanting each other no matter what may have happened and with whom ever may have participated.

That is the beauty....she fulfills him and he fulfills her. 

This last part of this trilogy has everything in it... and it all fits perfectly... there is humor, intrigue... nail-biting scenes and yes.... sexy times.

The sexy times fit perfectly with the flow... there is no awkwardness... which can happen...of story-sex-story-sex. Remember this is Alessandra Torres, People... this is an author with the talent of weaving serious concerns around steaming, heart pounding, must have now sex. She does it with a strong hand and ability to make it all just happen in all the right feel the desire from her characters... the apprehension when they are about to do something new... the nerves; and then you are there in the moment... in their heads feeling all the emotions and realizations of what this is... either hot and dirty, I want it now... or Oh my God, this is real and I love her... wanting only to make her safe and happy. 

Brad and Julia delivered; both were engaging and true to their characters. The writing showed growth over the last two books; I could see where Ms. Torre was more sure; more able to communicate every thought to us... and we were able to see clearly.

Life is an interesting journey and all of Brad's brought him to the point to be open to what Julia could show him. He was smart enough to see, try and risk... and in the long run, he won everything. Julia in her youth was able to fight for what she wanted and over came all the obstacles society whispered in her ear. She was strong enough to know herself and recognize it Brad's eyes.

I recommend this for all who love a dynamic man... one who oozes that male magnetism when he walks by.... for I will always be drawn to Brad De Luca. 

A gifted copy was received by the author in exchange for an honest review

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