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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Girl in 6E By Alessandra Torre

A Review By Wendy

5 Unique, Thrilling, Perverse, Satisfying Stars * * * * *

Before I started reading Romance, I was a mystery, psychological thriller, mind fuckery reader... yes, this gal who now reads all the hot, steamy, HEA's she can get her little hands on use to devour them.

So when The Girl in 6E came to me... I was very intrigued... classified as romance??? Has main character with urges to kill so strong her existence is in her apartment and she never leaves??? How the hell is this going to work, I wondered.

Well... deep down I knew it would all come together masterfully because this was not some little attempt at mindfuckery..oh, no.... this was done by Alessandra Torre... and when you put together these elements with her creativity... I knew I was in for a ride.

Our main character, Deanna at 21, is presented to us as she is now... she has been living in her apartment for the last 3 years never leaving. Yes, that is correct... she never leaves the place or physically sees anyone. Everything is either delivered or mailed to her; she only has limited real interaction with 2 shrinks she talks with via phone, a Vicodin addict who locks her in ever night in order to get his monthly prescription and the UPS Deliver man whom she never sees and only says leave the package, thank you.

The decision to live this way seemed to be the only way to keep others safe....for Deanna has desires... needs... over whelming wants... to kill, mutilate, slash any human who comes in contact with her.... and she is only doing what she sees is right... for left to her own devises... blood would flow...

Now the way Deanna figured out how to support this lifestyle was genius... she looked into stuffing envelopes or call centers... but the one most lucrative was virtual sex... you know, the kind where there are cams in the girl's rooms and they do stuff for the people they are talking with....they never actually touch or meet... but at $6.99 a minute... Deanna could cover all of her needs in her self imprisoned environment.

Deanna, though, was smart, crafty, college educated and wanted to be left alone. She created Jessica Riley; got all of the necessary official documents, set up a mini studio in her apartment working the cam system and her popularity took off. She made herself the perfect wet dream of all men across the globe... played the 19 year old coed... spoke directly to them, gave them whatever fetish they wanted without judgement.... she was perfect.

She had her life down to a routine... and she fought her demons every day ... what makes the change... what makes this all come to a turning point is her picking up a new subscriber to her website... what he wants... how she feels about it... and where it goes... Deanna senses all her dreams may come true finally with purpose...

This book takes you on this ride ... it grabs you by your virtual balls, and squeezes them when necessary to get your attention...  you think you have a handle on what is happening and then Ms. Torre does her thing...

She grabs you... she puts you on the edge of your seat and dares you to walk away and put the book down ... I didn't take that dare... I read from cover to cover because it was that good...

I wanted to know what was going to happen... I was able to put pieces together and go with Deanna/Jessica down this rabbit hole through all of the characters POV'S... It was spellbinding... I could feel how each person felt and tried to anticipate what the next move was going to be. There were times I got it... but then there were times when the magnitude of what Deanna had  experienced just shock me to my core.

Ms. Torres took me into a world which really exists... she was thorough and made all of the facts.. interesting yet also laced with humor and understanding.

This was a revision of the first publication and I am very excited to say the ending was not a cliffhanger yet there is another book coming involving these characters. I for one cannot wait... bring it on Ms. Torre... Bring it on.

Arc provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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