A Review by Carol

Book – My Masters’ Nightmare Season 1, Ep. 8
Author – Marita A. Hansen
Publication Date – January 30, 2014
Type – Part of Series
Genre –Dark
Rating – 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by Author – Part of Beta Read Team

Reading Order

Season 1, Episode 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
(I can count)


Rita is inundated with questions from Frano:

Why doesn't she have an Italian accent?
Why can't she remember everything?
How did she get to America?
How did she become an FBI agent?

Jagger instead is taking control back and becoming a master again. Can you guess who he's taking as a slave? Camila is going to be furious when she sees who Jagger is focusing on, while Matteo will want to kill Jagger for it. But, Jagger now has the power and will try to force Matteo into betraying Christo and the Padre with promises of giving this person back. Will it work?

New additions to Episode 8: Sophia's and the Padre's viewpoints.


What can I say that I haven’t said before – Marita knows that I am a BIG fan of hers and love being part of the Beta Team – it’s so awesome to see these characters develop and have a chance to help this along.

This episode is probably one of my favorites not only because this journey in editing had me ready to pull my hair out and throw my computer against the wall (just think how Marita felt with all the edits we were sending her) but also because we FINALLY get to see some tender moments between Frano and Rita. (swoon)

I absolutely love how this series is blooming into a tale of romance, darkness and suspense.

Jagger finally takes the reins back and is pissed….mighty PISSED about the horrors he has endured and he is ready to take his anger out on Dora and any other person who dares try to touch him again.

We also encounter a great flashback to Sophia in which she is met with seeing unbelievable things while spying on the D’Angelo brothers – panty melting and gross all in a matter of hours.

Padre’s POV delves into his psyche of why the man is so fucked up….and Christo….damn – I don’t even want to touch on that can of worms. 

Oh, and Matteo finally gets what is coming to him!! Hahahaha – you’ll have to read to find out!

This episode is full of action and will have your heart melting and then stopping in shock!

Episode 9?  BRING IT ON!