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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review - Fierce by Clarissa Wild

A Review by Carol

Book – Fierce (Fierce #1)
Author – Clarissa Wild
Publication Date – January 25, 2014
Type – Part of Series
Genre –Romance, New Adult
Rating – 3 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.


Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goody two-shoes. She studies every night, is never late for class, and always follows the rules. She has never felt the need to step out of her comfort zone. That is, until she meets Hunter.

Hunter Bane is a cocky, confident bad-boy, who's nothing but trouble. He’s a dangerous distraction to everyone around him. Sexy and strong, Hunter enjoys the swooning effect he has on women. Especially those who aren't used to attention, like Autumn.

Autumn finds it hard not to give into Hunter’s advances, even though it all seems like a game to him. Trying to understand him is impossible, because he shrouds himself in mystery. 

What she doesn't know is that Hunter has more baggage than anyone should have to carry. When she discovers he's in an illegal frat club to save the one person that matters to him, Autumn realizes this could mean the end of her undeniable connection to him. Even their lives are at risk.

But it's too late to turn back now ...


It was OK – not great – but readable till the end.  I had some problems with the characters and how they didn’t stay “true to form”.  For example, Autumn was supposed to be a shy virgin but in turn she was getting into trouble and putting her 2 cents in left and right.  While Hunter was supposed to be this big bad Alpha guy….while the only badness in him was his mood swings and his constant changing of his mind.

I was also confused in what exactly Hunter was involved in.  It may have been me and my feeble mind but I just didn’t get it.  Was it a frat?  Was it a gang? And why the hell would he bring Autumn into the middle of it?  Just to shut her up?

In all actuality – to sum this up – the story needed to flow and it fell short of coming together and fitting properly.  The premise of the story is good – Bad boy, virgin girl, dickhead old friend, drugs, addicts, death, secret love F/F, fighting etc.  It just seemed to me to be all over the place.

I hate doing these reviews and it kills me but as I always believe – “honesty is the best policy”.


Autumn is your typical NA shy virgin (at least in the beginning of the story) who has been teased while growing up for being so nerdy.  She catches the attention of bad boy, Hunter, who instantly clamps himself to her side.  Every time she turns around, Hunter is somewhere close.  She knows he is bad news but can’t help herself from being attracted to him.

Autumn must deal with an old friend who has turned into a total ass-wipe and a room-mate who continues to act possessive and bitchy.  The more Autumn gets to Hunter, the deeper she falls and learns there are more secrets to Hunter than what she thought.


This book has the ability to be a high rated read once the edges are sanded out and all the bumps are smooth.

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