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Monday, February 24, 2014

Release Day Review & Giveaway ($10 GC) - Unbearable Guilt by Emma Grayson

Unbearable Guilt
Breathe Again #2
By: Emma Grayson
Releasing Feb 24th, 2014


Kane Archer hasn’t always been full of rage or torment, he hasn’t always hated life or himself, and he hasn’t always lived in a world riddled with so much guilt that it consumed him. There was a time when his life was complete, when he smiled and laughed, made electrifyingly passionate love, and breathed happiness.
Until the unthinkable took it all away from him.

Now, still reeling from his fiancĂ©e’s death two and a half years later, and with the promise he made to find the men who killed her and bring them to justice –regardless of the cost– Kane returns to Camden, the one place he swore he’d never go back to.

Numb, afflicted by guilt, and haunted by the events that led to Aimee’s death, the last thing Kane wanted was to meet someone he felt connected to; who made him feel again.

As Kane gets closer to the ones responsible for Aimee’s death, he’s thrown a curve ball when he discovers a secret so devastating it not only rocks his world, but threatens to destroy any chance at happiness.

Whitney Jareau packed up her life and left everything behind when tragedy struck her family. Finally able to get away from her persistent and domineering family who wanted her to do the one thing she couldn’t, she found her solitude in Camden.

Now, two years later, her family wants her home and will go to any lengths to get her there. With her heart on her sleeve for Kane Archer, a man so gorgeous it hurts to see the pain he carries, Whitney fights her family and refuses to return home to carry out their wishes.

Can Whitney stand strong without succumbing to the demands of her family?

Can Kane let Aimee and the past go in order to move forward with the woman who brought him back to life?

Or will he walk away from her and only ever feel the burden of UNBEARABLE GUILT

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Review by Carol

Book – Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again #2)
Author – Emma Grayson
Publication Date – February 24, 2014
Type – No Cliffhanger Series
Genre – Romance, New Adult
Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by Author (Release Blitz) in exchange for an honest review.


There were times throughout this book that I felt like I was reading a Kristen Ashley book – with all the “babe, darling, baby, etc.”  And the Alpha brooding male that doesn’t talk much….yup yup.  I enjoyed this book and loved how it all came together to form a completed intricate puzzle. 

It took me awhile at first to remember the back-story of Kane and Aimee from Ms. Grayson’s first book but it all came flooding back with some flashbacks from Kane.  Well done Ms. Grayson!  Very ingenious and how it played into the story was subtle that you didn’t even know that the author was refreshing our memories.

Did I get pissed while reading?….HELL YEAH – I laughed when Kane was being a dick to others, but when he diverted that attitude toward Whitney – OH NO – I got pissed at him and wished I could have put my fist through the E-reader to bop him in the head.  Whitney was my girl…but damn did that girl have some majorly fucked up problems with her family.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Kane and Whitney along with meeting Kane’s crew!


Kane is back in Camden and he is searching for the one who was responsible for Aimee’s death.  The town and his ex-best friend blame him for her death.  He doesn’t understand why he is still there except for this pretty blonde who fills his order every morning at the coffee house.  Kane doesn’t want to feel this way toward Whitney but something continues to pull at him even though he knows that she deserves better than the likes of him. Up to this point Kane brings girls home and because of the past crippling his thoughts, he can never finish the act.  We see his dickish ways when he demands the bitches GET OUT.  He knows that Whitney isn’t that type of girl and vows to stay away from her….but for how long?

Just when the two of them finally try to make a go together….the shit hits the fan and each one of them must decide what to do next.  Want to know the devastating facts Kane finds out?  Want to know the secrets of Whitney’s family? 

Read the book.


Another winner from Ms. Grayson!  Definitely a must read especially if you have already read the first one in this series.  I can’t wait for the next one and the next one and the one after that…I want to know more about the team who has come to Camden!

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Author Info

Emma Grayson is a Canadian author who resides outside of Edmonton, Alberta with her family and five year old son. 
She is currently working on Take it All, book one in her new series, Blinded by Love, as well as Unbearable Guilt, book two in her Breathe Again series.

When she’s not writing she enjoys time with her son, going to movies, reading, or enjoying Starbucks latte’s with her girlfriends. She’s the lover of music, television, all things purple, Oilers hockey and doesn’t leave the house without her iPhone, Kobo, flip flops or a pack of gum.

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