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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Release Blitz/Review & Giveaway - Carnage (Book #1) by Lesley Jones

Release Blitz & Review by Carol

A 4 1/2 Star Review with tissues recommended!!

Title: Carnage
Author: Lesley Jones
Genre: Erotica
Publication Date: February 14, 2014

I love him, from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing will ever change that, he owns me, he owns my heart and he owns my body and no matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, we will find a way.

“Georgia Rae, when we made love you used to cry”… He waits for me to sing my bit. I try to swallow down a sob but I just end up singing through it…

“I said I love you like the stars above, I’ll love you till I die”

Carnage, an edgy coming of age love story that breaks all the rules and transcends the decades. Georgia and Sean's story will stay with you long after you read the final word.

An emotional, smoking hot, gut wrenching read.

Book – Carnage Book #1. The Story of Us
Author – Lesley Jones
Publication Date – February 14, 2014
Type – Book #1 of 2
Genre –Romance
Rating – 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by Author (part of Release Blitz) in exchange for an honest review.


I am completely gutted right now….the tears are streaming down my face as I try to put my thoughts on paper and I continue to have that ending play over and over in my heart and in my head.  I was going to wait to do the review until I had a chance to let it all settle down, but I just couldn't – the thoughts are raw, they are fresh and they are heart-felt. 

This book had a very slow beginning but don’t give up on it….because once it picks up – the story flows with happiness, heartbreak, angst and true love.  Oh My God….I’m crying again….My heart is torn because half way through – I was so against Sean (see status update) – I wanted G with Cam because what he felt for her was REAL – Now, I’m not saying what Sean felt was any different or less but at that moment – I was Team Cam.

As the story progressed – I fell in love with Sean all over again and wanted a HEA for him and Gia.  I felt it through my soul that they were meant to be together no matter what obstacles life had to throw at them.

Saying that, I honestly believe that Ms. Jones is a very talented author….her ability to make you love a character, hate a character and then fall back in love with that same one over and over again is amazing.  The connection she wrote about between Gia and Sean and G and Cam was above and beyond simple – it was an intricate web of friendship, love, lies, sadness and just plain life.

So, I know you want to ask me “Why not a 5 Star rating?” – Well, some of the story was hard to understand with the dialect and words used overseas that had me scratching my head at times or going back to re-read a paragraph to understand the culture difference of slang.  Another reason was the slow beginning and then it kind of slowed up a bit about 70% in….few grammatical errors but didn’t count that since this was a pre-edited ARC.

Please, please – I beg you Ms. Jones – don’t make me wait long for the 2nd book – I know the ending isn’t really a cliffhanger – it could end this way but don’t leave me in this state of depression! I don’t know what else to say right now – maybe I will add more once the pain in my heart subsides a bit.


When Georgia was only 11 years old, she met her future husband – the love of her life.  Sean is the lead singer of Carnage but never questions his attraction and love for Gia but being in a band that is rising to the top of the world – he makes a mistake that will cost him his happiness.

Georgia stays in a state of depression and heart-break for 4 years until finally she meets a man who stirs more than just lust – meet Cam.  Kitten and Cam make a go at it and just when it seems that she can put the past hurts behind her…..who does she run into?

Well, my little lovelies….I’m not giving the story away.  Pick up this book and find out for yourself what gutted me, what made me have to walk away for a few hours in order to calm down and what made me ready to go beat down Ms. Jones’ door and hold her hostage till #2 is written!


There are no words to describe the impact this story will have on you.  “Feelings” so many feelings wrapped up in a few hundred pages – just waiting to share them with you.

Take the time…curl up with your e-reader and live the life through Georgia’s eyes and heart.

I am a born and raised Essex girl now living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne Australia, I moved here with my husband and three sons in 2006.

Not only do I love to write but I also love to read and can devour a book overnight if the story grabs me.

I love watching my sons play football and am very partial to a glass of wine, a nicely chilled Marlborough Sav Blanc being my favourite.

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