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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reaper's Property By Joanna Wylde

A Review By Wendy

4 Dirty, Gritty, MC Action Stars * * * *

All of my friends have been reading this franchise... and once again I have come a little late to the party. However, I always say better late than never and reading this was definitely worth my time. I was able to experience another version of the MC genre and this fell more toward the gritter side than some others I have read.

We meet Marie... she is returning to her trailer park home after taking a beating from her husband, Gary. They were high school sweethearts gone bad after marriage... each blaming the other for not having the life they wanted... it just turned out Gary really was a pig in every sense... drinking, cheating and finally hitting... so Marie runs to  her brother, Jeff. 
We learn Marie's family is no picture postcard but they do have one thing going for them... they love each other blindly. The mother was a good one until she threw her back out and then developed chronic pain. Without the necessary means to receive the appropriate care, she turned to drink to get through the days and nights... causing her to lose it and repeatedly behave in a manner which got her sent to county jail for threatening the cops. Jeff, may be smart with computers and gaming but pays more attention to weed and gambling.

So Marie is back with Jeff and sees he has an interesting group of friends. Bikers show up while she is gardening in a bikini; a sight for the guys to behold. She is a petite package with all the parts put perfectly together... She has no clue as to who these guys are but goes to get them Ice Tea while they wait for her brother....

Now these Bikers are cut from that hot, scary, buff and tatted mold... and one of them stands out more than the other... he is huge in so many ways... tall, broad and his name is Horse... and the looks he gives Marie sends her pulsating... she is like a deer in headlights around him... she is drawn to him even though he scares her ... and we know as readers what that means.... these two are going to hook up and plenty.

And they do.... a lot... and Horse is someone all would like to ride... they have a rocky start; he wants her for his own... she acts like a silly little girl giving mixed signals and then miscommunication...

So the story is basically Jeff was doing some business for the club... of course, he decides to skim off the profits and the Reapers never allow that to stand... you fuck with the Reapers they fuck you back harder. Horse is still wanting Marie... and decides to put himself on the line for her and her brother by working a deal of blood for blood... she becomes his property and the brother gets a second chance to pay the Reapers back double. 

The story was played out so all could follow and Horse was not one dimensional as he did have many different sides.. I was able to get him, though... he had experienced the horrors of war... and it colored how he saw life... he wanted to live by his own rules and with a type of brotherhood similar like he had in the service ... the club fulfilled that purpose. There were descriptions of deep sorrow and pain which helped give him substance.

The character Marie,however, bugged the hell out of me...from the very beginning she just never connected for me... she constantly did things which put her in danger even after she was instructed not to do them... she disregarded advice from the Women's center; she wasn't careful with Horse when he broke down exactly how he felt for her in his biker way and she was sneaky with other things when it mattered. She wasn't trustworthy or very likeable to me... 

I found Horse to be the main draw with the other members and their women in the wings. This biker tale was not the grittiest or the best... but it held my interest with the details of club life. I will be watching and waiting for the next biker to pick his "Old Lady".

Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at

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