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Monday, February 17, 2014

Promiscuous (Tease #2) By Missy Johnson

A Review By Wendy

3 Little Girl Lost Stars 
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Promiscuous is part of the Tease Series by Missy Johnson. I had not read Tease, yet I was able to understand enough of the back story to read this without any problems.

We open with the main character, Beth feeling abandon by her one friend, Coop. He not only was a friend to her, but she also loved him. He had no idea of this and was in the throes of a relationship which was fresh and new. Beth had to deal with the entire blow back of publicity regarding this friendship, as Coop was an escort. She, being a famous pop singer, an idol to many…. Well… that was just not acceptable… labels started being placed on her… and in her frustration and hurt…she decided, what the hell…if you are going to call me a slut … then holy hell …I might as well go for it.

Beth is your beautiful young woman/child. Her life was full of pain growing up but somehow she rose up the ranks in the music industry becoming a mega star. Money is no issue, talent is no issue…. her self esteem and the smarts to take care of herself in this moment of pain is the issue. She is at a bar where Coop was supposed to meet her… they were to talk. She receives a text letting her know he is not coming; sorry… needs to do things with Mia, his new love.

Beth decides to drink… sees her manager, Ivan, watching her… get’s a gut feeling things are creepy with this guy, but does not act on them. Instead she lets him buy her another drink and he offers to take her home… we hear the justification in her muddled brain of “he is my manager and he won’t do anything”…. And we, as readers, know something will definitely happen and it will not be good.

Ivan sexually assaults her in the most vicious way and then instills another assault in threatening her career with financial ruin is she tries to report him or break his management contract. Beth is left with all of these things playing in her mind… how no one will believe her… how she lost her power and control over the one thing she had left. She retreats to a dark place and can’t seem to get out of it.

We meet another character who has his own secrets and issues… a man named Roman. He was hired to watch over Beth… to make sure no harm comes to her and to find out as much information as he can to report back to his employer. Roman is a mysterious, commanding presence… handsome … older in his mid thirties and when Beth meets him… sparks fly.
Roman is attracted to this girl, knows he should just do his job but it is like the bee to flower… she draws him in and he cannot stay away.

Much happens in this tale… there is the dance between Roman and Beth… the concern from Coop as to why Beth has turned away from him and their friendship… the ever present danger from Ivan and questions concerning who hired Roman… and really who is he anyway…

Although the story was easy to read, I had some concerns with it. All of the decisions prior to the attack with Ivan were presented as justifications… we hear her telling us … she knew better… etc and just didn’t think… to me… I had a very hard time buying a character who had seen so much at such a young age and became street smart…she would know to follow her gut. I am not blaming the characters… it just was frustrating. It did address sexual assault and how no two people are alike in how they handle the trauma.

I did like the relationship of Beth and Roman...there was a sweetness and caring from him. The book ends in a good place for the both of them. This story continues with the next part called Scandalous.

Arc provided for an honest review

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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