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Thursday, February 20, 2014

BOMB: A Day in the life of Spencer by J.A. Huss

A Review By Wendy
5 Perfect, Just the Most Perfect Stars
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BOMB: A Day in the life of Spencer by J.A. Huss is like a mysterious confectionery delight. It is one of those experiences complex in its simplicity which baffles the mind to take it all in. It is part of the repertory of what makes Ms. Huss the artist she is.

Picture the perfect cake... no frosting to let you think it will be sugary sweet... not a hint as to what will be inside... at first inspection... just a cake with a beckoning aroma which draws you in...only after you cut into it do you see all of the different layers and textures... only then do you have any idea of what sensations you are going to enjoy. It boggles the mind, you catch your breath and dig in..... happily.

Spencer has always been the kind of throw away guy in the series to me. Yes, he was important and on more than equal footing with Ronin and Ford... but not until Panic did I get a stronger sense of him and what he may mean to the big picture. He was represented to be the player... tough guy who handled the muscle... had a woman who didn't like Rook moving into the Shrike territory, Veronica. We got the sense that these two had serious history; he had moved on and was not being the type of guy who really looked after his women.

We learn in BOMB... this was done on purpose.
We learn the history of Spence and Veronica....learn of First Love and Always Love.
We learn of love which will do anything it must to be able to run the course Spence needs it to.... and we fall harder and stronger for Spence because of it.

Ms. Huss knows how to do her job... she creates, gives life, imparts real emotions and feeling to her people and then lets them fly... they fly with such beauty in the complex simple desire to love and be loved... it is almost too delicious.

Gun is coming... it is the next step in Spenser's story. I will be prepared and ready...

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