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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hope Restrained (The Estate Series #2) - M.S. Willis

A Review by JaHy

*******3" HIGH HOPES" STARS*****

Book 2 in the series:Hope Restrained is very different, IMHO from Madeleine Abducted, which I for one truly appreciate. I'm sick of authors changing the main characters name in a series and releasing it as the next best thing... YEAH NO!

I'm probably going to sound like a nutter ( well, I am ) but this book made me laugh more than anything. The one liners were priceless and while I appreciated the comedic banter I couldn't help but miss the darkness that lurked in Madeleine Abducted thanks to Joseph.

The insta lust in this book gave me whiplash. There was ZERO build up. Hope kicks Xander's ass, he pleasures her with his sandpaper hands , the hero anxiously plants his seed of love and **BOOM** her "golden eyes" meet his sapphire iris's.... and my marathon of eye rolls began.

The last 30% of the story is where the majority of the gore, torture and angst comes into play and readers will be on edge .... EXCEPT I wasn't because the synopsis for book 3 pretty much tells you the outcome of the story and helps you weed out the villain ..DON'T LOOKUP BOOK 3 UNTIL YOU'VE READ HOPE. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID.

So, were my expectations met? Honestly, not quiet. Will I be reading book 3 in the series? HELL YES. Mrs. Willis has a wicked imagination..... and I still want more Xander storyline. Now, ONLY listen to my warning and go love the story for the both of us.. MAUH!

ARC given in exchange for an honest review.

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