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Friday, January 24, 2014

Edible By Ella Frank

A Review By Wendy
5 Cole, Any.Way.I.Can.Have.Him. Stars * * * * *
Let's see.. Rachel... Talented... Searching... Hiding in plain sight...

She is feeling like a 5th wheel know that all of her family and best friends have hooked up and finding happiness.

It seems what she has instinctively run from is what she actually desires and needs.... COLE...

There a many fantastic, detailed reviews which I highly advise you reading if you want to know more than the blurb for this book.... 

But really, in my mind... all you need is the desire to read about this hot, combustible coming together of Cole and Rachel... and with that desire... it will get you to buy and read the book... 

And People.... Hot Damnnn.... You. Will. Not. Sorry. 

Author of Contemporary and Erotic Romance

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