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Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Release Sale - Hopelessly Broken - Tamryn Ward

New Release

 Only $.99 for a limited time!

NEW RELEASE #HopelesslyBroken by NYT bestselling author.

A #1 Kindle Books Best Seller (Coming of Age)! A #1 Kindle Books Best Seller (Romance/Young Adult and College)!
 An Amazon UK Top 100 Best Seller (Romance)!

High school dropout Jenn Reynolds doesn't have time for anything but work, work, work. Not school. And definitely not a social life. Dating? Yeah, right. No matter how hard she tries to put her life back together, it keeps crumbling apart. The sudden death of her parents started the destruction. Now, her life is spinning out of control, and she is about to lose the only thing that matters anymore. She has no choice. She must find someone she can trust, someone who might be able to help her stem the devastation. 

But who will it be? Both Aeron and Bobby are everything she doesn't need--Aeron, the totally mysterious, totally dangerous stranger who doesn't stay in one place for long, and Bobby, the hot bad boy rockstar who has already broken her heart once. No matter what, with all the dirty, tattoed hotness loping through her front door, and vying for her bed, Jenn's life is either about to get better...or a whole lot worse.

Genre: New Adult Romance with minor paranormal elements

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