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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wendy - Sex Love Repeat - Alessandra Torre

A Review by Wendy

Sex Love Repeat

5 Ever Expanding Mind Blowing Stars * * * * *

I have a confession to make. I have a condition which will overtake all reasonable thought when I love a book. The first symptom surfaces with the excitement of discovery. I will be in the beginning of the book and little twinges of recognition fire causing me to sit a little taller and be more focused on the reading. As I progress, if what I am reading really is condition worthy, I fall into a zone of deep connection with what is on the page and then become one with the story. 

There will come a time, though, while in this state where I will either be in the zone through to the end and have an enjoyable read or I transition to the extreme most severe portion of this affliction. 

This stage is when all of the rest of the world drops away.

When I do not care if I have appointments or commitments

When I do not care if I eat or sleep

When the only thing that matters in my life in that moment is what I am reading.

Sex Love Repeat caused my most recent episode of this condition. I started this and did not move from my chair until the end of the last sentence. I could not move. It was one of the most intense experiences I have had.

The question of can you love more than one person at a time has been asked over and over again. I think most of us have at one time or another had that discussion saying if only I could combine one fella’s talents with another’s ability to be the caring considerate one. It is the desire to have it all…. Only for most of us, it is just out of reach.

Society says no with a capital N.

Yet, Alessandra Torre presents this exact scenario. She creates a woman comfortable in who she is. Who has learned the hard way that things can change in a flash of a moment and what in the end really matters.  She has made her able to make intelligent choices; live a life without shame, insecurity or compromise. And she has made her with charm, savvy and incredibly sexual. 

So with this main character, we get the set up of her meeting a man who is that beautiful, powerbroker driven to succeed in all things. He catches Madison in a pure joyous moment and from that connection, sparks fly. They both understand the drawn to each other… it is matter of fact. It is primal, hard and necessary for the both of them. But Stewart, this man, can only give moments in his life… he has no capacity to devote to Madison other than here and there times…. 

So knowing Madison’s needs and his concerns for her, he suggests something out of the ordinary …. Something unusual…. He suggests a full time man for her. Someone who would be there for her… someone to look out and care… someone who would make her happy when he couldn’t… BUT someone who will accept Madison keeping him in her life as well.

Madison takes this idea and files it away…. Goes about her life not searching or looking for this man but he happens to cross her path and she sees the opportunity to possibly have it all. 

Madison starts a relationship with Paul… this pro surfer who has this beauty about him that calms yet energies those around him. She wants to be with him and carefully presents her situation. She loves a man who does not have time for her; who will be part of her life periodically and how she wants Paul to be her full time other half.   At first, Paul cannot agree as much as he is taken with Madison. He then feels the pain of her not being there in his life and accepts Madison’s terms…. Because having a part of Madison, any part, is less painful than not having her at all.

We journey with Madison… we fuck Stewart; we fuck Paul and we rejoice in the experience. 

But as readers of this tale, we are given an extra bonus…. We are given another set of eyes observing the complex relationship of Stewart, Madison and Paul.

This is where I have to share another phase of my condition…. This is where I start going into overdrive of contacting every person I know who loves to read and badger them to read the book which triggered the episode I am in….

This is where I tell you… reading this will cause you such range of emotions and feelings you will not be able to keep track of all of them. You will be reading and think you have an idea where this is going and then you will be flipped, slammed and caressed into puddle of wonder and outrage. Wonder due to the artistry of writing and outrage because you NEVER saw any of it fucking coming. 

So I am left babbling about how much I love this book; how much I love this author and how I want you to read this.  My last part of this condition which I am in now, is to offer those who do read this my assistance in their journey with Madison, Stewart and Paul. I have already been able to guide others through this so I know I will be able to help you.

Now go and read this book, I am here waiting for you.

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