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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Never List - Koethi Zan

**** 4 Torturous Stars ****

I'm on a streak of reading some pretty messed up Psychological Thrillers and I had to pick this one up and take a ride!

The book was overall very good - but not fantastic and a "must keep reading" to find out what happens next.....until the end.

I loved the story premise and it did take the reader on a journey through rough terrain never detouring through smooth roads.

I liked how the author flip-flopped back to the past within the present story as flashbacks instead of switching it between chapters.

I only had one dislike and that is major and it is the book didn't hold my attention the whole time. I was able to put the book down and do other things without anticipating the next page.

I also had a bit of a problem that the girls made nice-nice so fast.

Jennifer and Sarah are best friends growing up and they experience a fatal accident which makes each of them paranoid to do anything that may end in death. They make a "Never List" to try and keep them safe - until they reach college and get a little lax on safety issues. They find themselves abducted and thrown in a cellar with 2 other girls.

During this time, Jennifer and Sarah are seperated while Jennifer lives in a box and her life ends by the hands of their sick abducter, The Professor. Sarah and the other 2 girls, Tracey and Christine are tortured weekly while The Professor takes notes on the reations of them along with brainwashing. This continues for 3 years and during this time, Sarah never finds out where Jennifer's body is buried but manages to escape and save the other girls.

Switch back to the present, 10 years later, and Sarah lives as a hermit in her highrise condo in New York. It is time for The Professor's parole hearing and Sarah is being coaxed to speak at the hearing to make sure he isn't let out of jail especially since he was able to marry a girl while incarcerated. She still gets puzzling letters from The Professor and it keeps pointing for her to return to the homestead. She still wants to find Jennifer's body and feels that if she can finally find it, then he will never be let out of jail.

Sarah travels back and finds out that a strange religious cult may play a part in The Professor's missing wife and maybe just maybe be tied to The Professor. Sarah asks for the help of Tracey and Christine to solve the puzzles.

What else transpires while the girls are back in the homestead will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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