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Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Discovered" - My Masters' Nightmare - Season 1, Episode 2 - Marita A. Hansen

***** 5 (Part 2) Sizzling Mafioso Kidnapped Stars *****

Author's note: Like a television series, this book series is broken up into seasons and episodes. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words long, with a new one coming out on average every 3 weeks until the first season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per season.

"Discovered" is the second book to be released for this series and DAMN, can I tell you what a HOT and STEAMY ride this is continuing to be!!

The author has the ability to catch your attention on the first page and have you anticipating what is coming on the next - all the way up to the end! What a masterful writer Marita is!

This book continues where "Taken" left off and spins more saga about the D'Angelo family.

To catch up or recap on the players of Episode #1 - see my review here:

Taken-My Masters' Nightmare


We ended "Taken" with a major cliffhanger of Rita being "found-out" by Frederico

Was her cover blown?

Will Frederico rat her out to the family or does she have an ally?

Rita Kovak
Rita is now in the hands of Frano after Jagger's breakdown with Alberto. Low and behold, Frano hits her with a few surprises of his knowledge on things. (Sorry I'm trying not to give any spoilers away) Rita's mind and empathy is starting to soften toward Jagger and feels that he should be rescued also while she tries to deal with her hatred toward Frano and the conflicting excitement she gets from being used by him.

Jagger D'Angelo
Poor, poor Jagger and his unfit state of mind right now. After being degraded by Alberto in the first episode, Jagger has to deal with the mental problems of remembering his past with the Padre. On top of that, he has to deal with Alberto's wife professing her love for him along with being told by Frano that he will be given 10 lashes for cutting off the Padre's pee-pee.

While being prepared for the Donatelli dinner and whipping, Jagger is drugged and in the hands of Alberto having to listen to his declarations of the truth.....not only that but we see that Jagger is being used as the "whore" he used to be.

Alberto D'Angelo
WTF Alberto? Seriously? What a dickwad you are! Not only what you did and said to Jagger but how could you turn your back on your family? How could you sell them out so fast? I just hope the "KARMA" bitch is smiling her cunning leer at you right now!

Frano D'Angelo
Frano plays a major role in this episode since he is the new trainer for Rita. We find out some truths about Frano and he may not be the cold calculating asshole we all thought in the first episode. Could he really have a heart underneath that Grinchy exterior?

Padre Michael Donatelli
Shit, fuck, damn the Padre is one messed up person of the cloth....we finally get to meet the cockless shithead in this episode and he ready for Gabriel/Jagger to make his penance.

The Donatelli Family
"We're moving on up to ....." Sorry can't give that spoiler away


The characters are starting to unfold now and the plot is growing THICK....Jagger is pretty messed up when we leave him in this episode in the hands of the Padre a piece of meat Jagger is....being thrown to Alberto then the Padre.

Rita is fighting her growing feelings toward Jagger and Frano while feeling guilty because of her husband Matt.

Alberto is sitting high on his ego while stepping on all the little ants in his way. He don't care who he is going to fuck in ass (hahah) as long as he gets what he wants.

Frano, oh you hunky piece of male flesh, what is going on in your mind?

Padre Michael, oh you silly silly follower of God ----- you know they do have prosthetics for that little problem of yours.

OK, Marita, you did it to me again....left my freakin jaw on the floor with that cliffhanger so you are gonna have to either start writing faster or go a bit easier on this weak heart of mine! *jk Love ya hun!

Seriously, pick up this book and begin the mind fucked journey of Dark Romance with a twist toward Thriller.


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