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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dream Weaver - Amy Baker

Book – Dream Weaver

Author – Amy Baker

Publication Date – March 2013

Type – Stand-Alone

Rating – 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


This book is meant for a mature reader as it contains some steamy scenes and salty language - you will however laugh, maybe whimper (not cry) and fall in love with all of the characters!

Anda like a lot of people, detests her job. She's been trying to get fired for as long as she could remember and goes out of her way to blow off every assignment that she is given. But when one of her "missions" ends badly, well more badly than usual, her boss who happens to be her mother "drops" her into the the fray hoping she will learn her lesson. But the only lesson she is about to learn is how fast she can fall for a smokin' sexy aviation engineer.

Sam Miller is the oldest Miller brother. He is successful, handsome and wants for very little having reached many of his goals by the ripe old age of 25. But when he sets his gaze on Anda, his brother's new "counselor?"...He can't believe his eyes. She is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and experiences an attraction for her like never before. For the first time in his life, Sam is fearful that he might not get what he wants. A gorgeous, blond, awe inspiring beauty who's recently developed an obsession for mashed potatoes;)

Did I mention that Anda is a Dream Weaver? Hmmm...

***This book is recommended for adult readers due to its mature content.


Well, I thought I had done the "Paranormal Romance" to death, but I was mistaken.  I was kinda leery about reading this because of the paranormal rating....but it's adorable how that is brought into the story.  It is more like a "Contemporary" story with an undertone (just to set the scene) of "Paranormal".

I was quite surprised when I was into about 15% of the book, I couldn't stop chuckling over Anda's antics.  I fell in love with all the characters and the story kept my attention throughout. 

HOLY SHIT.....that sums up my feelings after reading....and if you read the book, you would get this pun! :-)

Anda is a dream weaver in another world, who is a rebel.  She doesn't believe in the whole messing with people's dreams to change the course of their lives along with the chain reactions it proposes.  She gets in a bunch of trouble after she blows off a mission to deliver a dream to a little girl of a scary woman with red hair.  Because of this and her prior escapades, she is banished by her mother in order to try to teach her a lesson. 

Her mother drops her off on Earth, right into the Miller's swimming pool....Anda only has limited knowledge of life on Earth and takes on a role as Jack Miller's counselor after he almost blew up the Science Lab in the school.  No one can refuse ANYTHING Anda says or wants because.......she is DROP DEAD gorgeous.  She is compared to an angel and a goddess because she stops men in their tracks while she has no knowledge of her own sexuality.

It isn't until Anda meets Sam that she is tongue-tied and feeling like she is going to explode because her heart can't stop beating so fast.  Dinner that night is hysterical after Anda tastes mashed-potatoes for the first time and Sam knows he met "The One".  Reading about Anda trying to incorporate herself in their lives and the lives of the townspeople is a hoot!

Anda and Sam build a relationship out of pure love along with Jack realizing he has a friend/counselor with Anda and opens up to her about his troubles.  Things are looking good for Anda and Sam......It isn't until Anda realizes that the Miller's have a sister/daughter who has been in a coma for months because of a tragic accident which could have been avoided if Anda delivered the dream she was supposed to, that she understands why her mother sent her there and she doesn't want to go back.

There are other sub-stories in this book that revolve around Jack and coping with the guilt of being the one who dropped the ball with Gracie (his little sister).  Also with Frank (their father) who lives with the sadness of losing his true love and possibly his daughter.  Will all the Millers find their "The One"?


This was such a cute story with a mix of comedy that had me "ahhh'ing" and giggling throughout the story.

About this Author

I was born and raised in NJ. Growing up I lived close enough to NYC to experience all that it had to offer (and then some.) I graduated from Villanova University, love PA (it's beautiful.) Started my career in advertising creating sales material for TV/Movies (fun!) Tried my hand in the financial district for a few years (wonderful people but it didn't satisfy the creative side of my brain.) Worked in a design center (fun in a different way and great people.) Became a mom (the most fun of all. Kids are awesome.) Now I have come full circle. I work as a freelance consultant and at night when the house is quiet I have time to put all of life's craziness into stories writing fiction books (super fun!)

There's nothing better than picking up my kids from school, playing hide and seek with our dogs, family dinners and being married to my best friend.

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