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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Unforgiven - Elizabeth Finn


****4 1/2 Unforgiving Stars****

Damn...I don't even know how to start this.....this book had me at "HELLO"

I think I spent 70% of this book so pissed off at Darren that I was taking out my frustrations at home.  Yeah, I get it why he was angry BUT COME ON!!! Some of the shit he did to Bailey was out right cruel and low.

I experienced so many emotions while reading this book...I laughed (a few times), I cried (a lot), I cursed and felt so freakin frustrated THEN finally the calmness of forgiveness!!

Elizabeth Finn gives us a tragic, heart-felt life and love discovery that I absolutely LOVED LOVED this book!!!  She uses exceptional skills while telling from both POV's along with flashbacks - KUDOS Miss Finn!!

So you are asking, why only 4 1/2 stars - WELL, I had to deduct a 1/2 star for keeping me up so late last night trying to find out what happens next that I almost missed my Dr. appt. this morning! :-)

So, Darren has loved Bailey since they were young and vice versa but they have kept it from one another....Bailey is best friends with Darren's sister - then as soon as things start to open up between Bailey and Darren - something tragic happens that ends up with Bailey having to go to jail for 5 years while Darren starts to build his hatred up for Bailey.
The scene starts as Bailey is in the ER and who is her attending doctor?? None other, than Darren and he doesn't seem so happy to see her...

Yeah, as time goes on - he knows that he is addicted to her - addicted to his hatred and his lust for her.  All the while Bailey feels that she deserves everything Darren does and says to her because of her guilt.

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