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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hers - Dawn Robertson

**** 3 1/2 Kinky Stars ****

I'm a bit confused about my feelings on this book.  In the beginning, I was wondering where the storyline was heading but enjoying the role of Mistress Marilyn with the fetish for sexy undies but then it switched gears and there was more story and almost non-existent kink.  The book actually turned into a bit of a sappy romance.  There is one romantic scene that was set in the London Ferris Wheel that had me squirming in my seat and swooning at the same time!

I wanted more BDSM play between Levi and Seven - the author has a way of making these sex scenes panty dripping wet!!  Man oh man....I just wish there would have been more of this throughout the book.

I understand the story line was to make Seven give up her sluttish ways and start the "Happily Ever After" lifestyle but I just think it was too much of a cliche and was hoping for something a little bit different.

Seven, years ago was dumped by her boyfriend and she made a pact with herself to get revenge on him.  She worked her way up to take over his father's company and in the process she shut any man out of her life.  She lives a life as a dominatrix - never sleeping with the same man twice.  She has been abandoned throughout life by her parents, her best friend, her brother and her boyfriend.  This is what drives her to be a "control freak" in order never to get hurt again.

That is until she meets Levi and the sex club she belongs to.  One night of mind blowing, fuckingtastic BDSM play has Levi hooked and he automatically wants more.  Seven has other plans (even though she can't stop thinking about him) and what does fate throw in her life?  Yup, that bitch throws Levi back into her life in which she has to see him on a daily basis.

So what happens to Levi and Seven?

Does Seven get her revenge against the ex-boyfriend Daniel?

You have to read in order to get those questions answered!!

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