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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seduce (Beautiful Rose 0.5) - Missy Johnson

*****4 1/2 Emotionally Touching Stars*****

Never did I think I was going to cry through this book.  The way it starts out, the author portrays Jack as being an arrogant asshole who thinks his shit just don't stink!!

He is the type of "player" that picks up women almost every night, brings them to a different building of his, has sex, makes up an excuse and leaves them there without a number or "good-bye".  Never sleep with the same woman twice is Jack's motto, until...

I was hating on Jack until he met Belle.  Wow - what a story there - Jack finally met his match in the relationship scene.  Not only did this woman "rock his world" but:

                -she never gave Jack her name
                -didn't give a phone number
                -didn't mention about seeing him again
                -didn't stay after sex
                -didn't try to contact him

Jack is floored and is instantly mesmerized by this woman!  And searches her out to continue the whirlwind romance - but then it happens......

A glitch is thrown in the perfect relationship which makes things VERY VERY complicated but Jack knows what he wants and can't give it up.

Jack is such a troubled soul and tries his best to live a decent life but from his upbringing, it is difficult for him to know what love is - until it's too late.

There comes a time in the book that Jack has to make a choice between what his father wants and what is the "right" thing to do and.....I'm sorry you are going to have to read the book to find out what that is.

I'm going to leave you with a bit of hint about this book.....make sure you have tissues close by!

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