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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wanderlust - Skye Warren

Wanderlust - Skye Warren

3.5 Weird Stars

This story is about a girl who grew up with a mother suffering from mental problems. At 20 years old, she finally had enough living with her paranoid mother and not being allowed out of her house. She takes off to see Niagra Falls (a book about the Falls got her through her childhood)and ends up being raped and abducted by a truck driver (Hunter).

Now I started out thinking this was a GREAT story line but I had a problem with how fast Evie gave into Hunter and constantly questioned whether or not she deserved this.

I also had a problem believing this wasn't a usual occurrence for Hunter for raping and abducting women because of the reactions of the waitresses in the diner where she was last seen.

I just honestly think it takes more than a few weeks to fall in love with your captor....but that's just my opinion.

All in all I enjoyed the story but just had a hard time with Evie and Hunter.

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