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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Escape From Paradise (Paradise #1) - Gwendolyn Field

Escape from Paradise - Gwendolyn Field
*****5 Dark Heartbreaking Stars*****

I absolutely loved loved this story. It held my interest from the moment I picked it up till it was over.

It is a story about a college girl (Angela) who goes to Cancun for spring break and ends up getting abducted by Spanish cartel.

She is primed for sexual slavery and learns that nothing personal is sacred. She endures punishment, constant nakedness, submission and much more in captivity. She lives in a paradise but doesn't get to enjoy it.

Then we have Colin who is a secret agent and is called on to find Angela and rescue her as his last job before retiring to settle down.

Colin ends up having feelings for Angela and is confused about the feelings he feels coming from her. They have to learn to understand what is true feelings and what is part of Angela's Stockholm feelings. They hit many obstacles and resistence during their journey.

This is a beautiful love story between Colin and Angela.

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