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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Call Me Crazy (Bellamy Creek #3) by Melanie Harlow

 A Review by Wendy 

 5 Ricky and Lucy Stars
* * * * *  

Spoiler Free

I have been in love with this series from the start. It had everything a romance reader loves; well-thought-out characters, easy to relate to relationships, and a group of friends we all knew was going to have books about them down the line. Melanie Harlow promised fun, sexy times, and heart, and people, she delivered big time with this entry.

In the first book, we met "the guys", friends and baseball team players since 12.
They loved playing together, sharing their guy thoughts, and supporting each other during the times they were stumped about the women they loved. They teased and joked but when stuff got real, they were always there for each other.

As each of the fellas met their perfect match, we got to know all of them well, and any time Enzo Moretti came into the picture, we knew Bianca DeRossi would end up there too.

Enzo Moretti and Bianca DeRossi, Bianca DeRossi and Enzo Moretti...they were like magnets, spark plugs, and firecrackers all in one. He was handsome, knew it, and had no trouble getting any woman he wanted. He had gone to school with Bianca, felt she had her nose up in the air, and looked down on him. She thought he wasn't interested in her, was shy when in school, and carried the idea he was a player.

Today these two are competing for houses to flip. Every time, Enzo thinks he has found the perfect place, there Bianca is beating him to the quick. Bianca is an interior designer and has her own boutique business that is growing.

Bianca is a strong woman who knows what she wants and at this stage in her life, she wants a baby. There is only one little problem, no guy to make it with. Yes, if nothing shakes out, she will do it on her own with the help of science. After all, her clock was ticking.

Enzo is hearing his own clock ticking, the ticking of his upcoming 35th birthday, and his chance to be the head of the family company. His father had laid the law down; if he wasn't married by 35, the running of the company would go to his younger brother. Enzo couldn't have that happen, he cared too much about the business.

So after one attempt to get married had failed, he was really thinking he was going to lose the company. He was drowning himself in a bottle of wine when Bianca sat down at his table. She had seen everything...the woman saying no to Enzo and came to tease, no, cheer him up.

As Enzo and Bianca drink the wine, certain factors are revealed...his need to get married. Bianca asks a few questions and shock of shock, suggests he marry her. She needs someone to have a baby with, he comes from the same background as she, both know they will never fall in love with each other, this will be perfect.

Bianca tells Enzo she will marry him, get pregnant and then divorce him after the baby is born. He gets the business, she gets the baby, and no feelings to get in the way. A plan is figured out and game on.

This story was fantastic. It had wonderful humor laced with an amazing heart. It was sexy, caring, scary in the way these two started to feel things, had a serious look at trying to have a baby when it isn't easy, and the fear of being in love.

It had it all. This may be the end of the series, but I hope not. 



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