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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Review by Wendy ♥ In Like Flynn by Donna Alam

  A Review by Wendy

4 Don't Say Root Stars
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Spoiler Free

Oh, the Mighty O...Times have changed and we women have embraced our sexuality fully. We no longer must wait and hold out for a man to wield his power on our bodies to make us experience the satisfaction we were born to enjoy. No, in today's times, we are proud and happy to be in charge of our gratification. We do it by ourselves any number of ways and have no shame in our game.

But one thing has remained consistent... if the body/mind is not able to relax and connect the dots... for whatever reason...then the Mighty O will become elusive. No BOB, no fingers, nothing will bring it on.

Chastity is pissed. 
She is a woman who owns her sexuality. She has even become a very successful erotic filmmaker. Her films have ethical standards, more sensual, fully plotted and are hot. They are by subscription only and her business is extremely profitable. So she is no shrinking violet...she gets and understands sex.

She knows what her problem is...Flynn F@cking Phillips stole her O and no matter what methods she tries, it is in hiding. You see, she unfortunately succumbed to doing the deed, doing the nasty, shagging with this ridiculous Aussie six months ago.  How was she to know their amazing, incredibly dirty, hot multi-orgasm laced time was going to take away her ability to enjoy herself by herself.

And of course, it had to be him...a man who she cannot stand to be around, with his crazy Aussie accent and words... how he can say things like he did that night and just make her so hot she wants to explode...

Flynn Phillips admits to being Cocky, sometimes Arrogant but always looking not to hurt or harm. When he spotted Chastity at that wedding, he was all about getting close to her. He went "All In" so to speak, and she was there with him at every twist and turn. Now that he is here in London working as a PA for his mate Keir, he is meeting up with Chastiy's circle of friends....and he cannot get her out of his head either.

These two are like oil and water...not supposed to mix but if the circumstances are right...their blending is off the chain..Chastity is annoyed every time she sees him, yet she is thinking maybe she should give him another go...that way she will get her O back.

What is supposed only a means to the almighty O end, turns out to be so much this Aussie Fynn has had a taste of Chastity and doesn't want to let her go.

This book was a hoot. Between all the Aussie speak and the bicker/banter/sexy times...I was all Effing In. There was lots of shagging and such...some times which were really quite panty-melting...but there was so much heart and thought too. Things about how society judges people and how heartache can stop you from living your life fully. But the biggest gift was to learn to trust after those before betrayed you. If you can be strong enough and love hard enough, you will see your way clear to do it.

This was my first Donna Alam book, but it won't be my last.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

Donna writes dirty stories, according to her family. She hopes you find them funny, too.

When not bashing away at a keyboard, she can usually be found hiding from her family and responsibilities with a good book in her hand and a dog that looks like a mop by her feet. She likes her humour and wine dry, her mojitos sweet, and her language salty.

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