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Monday, September 25, 2017

Release Blitz ♥ The Beneath Series by Tori Madison ♥ #giveaway $25 GC

Series: The Beneath Series
Author: Tori Madison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Renee Ericson, RE Creatives
Re-release Date: September 25, 2017


You. Have. Breast. Cancer.

I wasn’t prepared to hear those words. Neither was my loving husband, family or
friends. And none of us were prepared for what life had in store after they
were spoken.

I should have seen the signs all around me. I should have paid attention to the
people who supposedly loved me, the people who I'd always trusted. But I was
blind to what was going on. The effects on my flourishing career, passionate
marriage and carefree lifestyle would be insurmountable.

It was time to take control of my life and the overwhelming chaos. Time to make
the choices that were right for me. Right for my future. The future I hadn’t
planned on.

My life didn’t stop when I heard those four little words…it was only just

*Originally released on September 24, 2014

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Four words continue
to haunt me . . .

You. Have. Breast. Cancer.

I associate them with the upheaval of my life to this point. The last few
months have been a test of my strength . . . mentally, emotionally, and
physically. Cancer is a monster. It preys on your mind and it consumes you,
consistently reminding you of how your life used to be. Life before
cancer. I was a successful business woman, running my own design firm, and
was happily married to my college sweetheart. My life seemed perfect. Until it
suddenly came crashing down all around me.

So, here I am, in
the midst of treatment, incinerating the remnants of my shattered marriage and
attempting to piece the rest of my life back together. With three amazing
friends pushing me forward, the ‘post-chemo’ finish line is coming into view.

And then . . .
there’s him. The man I never anticipated. The one who breathes hope and meaning
back into my life. A man who kisses my scars and shows me that I’m beautiful. I
never expected him. Hell, I never expected cancer. I’m finally ready to write
my future, a future I never planned on, but one that is better than I could’ve
ever imagined.

*Includes new bonus short story

*Originally released on February 24, 2015

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Author Bio

Happily married and the mother of identical twins, Tori
Madison is active in the world of philanthropy and finds joy in making a
difference in lives of others. She is an avid reader, lover of life and a
breast cancer survivor. Currently residing with her family in her home state of
Minnesota, she can often be found at Caribou Coffee or at the dance studio with
her teenage daughters.

Writing a book was never on her radar. After a challenge
from an author friend to write 2,500 words a story came to life and a new
opportunity to make a difference was born. Her debut novel, Beneath It All,
released on September 24, 2014. The sequel, Beneath, You’re Beautiful, released
on February 24, 2015.

Tori is currently working on a spin-off series after taking
some time away from writing for family reasons. Look for updates on her
upcoming series on social media.

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