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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review by Wendy ♥ Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys

A Review by Wendy

4.5 Well, That Shocked the Hell Out Me Stars
* * * *1/2  
Spoiler Free
You know the feeling when you are minding your own business and then something out of left field takes you by surprise... That feeling of - Wow how did I not see that coming....Well, that was what happened to me when I started Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys the other night.

Yes, I started this book at the crazy hour of 11PM and it held me until my eyes were dropping and I couldn't keep them open any longer...With only a few hours of sleep, my mind kept going to this book while I was at work. Once home, fed and relaxed..I was back reading until the end...

And I was impressed for a number of reasons...

From the start, I was drawn in by the very clever opening. All of the necessary ground work was laid...I understood from the get go who these characters were, their humor, comfort level and insane attraction to each other. Was it quick... yeah... but at the same time... For me I was a willing participant.

Each of these people had careers; they were fully formed and focused in what they did and mostly wanted in their lives, professionally.... He was more established then her... but both very capable.

Each had their friend support system and the interaction of concern, kidding and care worked. These secondary characters made me curious and after finishing the book, I wanted to know they will have other stories coming... focused on them.

The progression of the relationship had a sense of what could actually be...lustful, scared of what feelings were surfacing, fun, hesitant, resolved in protecting the heart and then realizing what all of it meant.

And when I mentioned Lustful...I am talking some very hot, very sexy encounters...mental foreplay...blatant want from both; with him awakening her to ask for what she needed and him realizing what she gave him.

But what was the surprise attack for me was the intense heart of it all... both of these people had past traumas which both could understand...I was truly moved by what each one had experienced and it gave real weight to the story.

And for me a non angsty was the way these two were able to handle everything without over the top drama or jumping to conclusions which I appreciated...

So although I haven't really given you anything specific about the actual story..
I would say if you like:

Banter & Hotness...
When two people are connecting and it really works
And some very sexy times which will make you think of your apartment hallway differently...

Then give it a go...I am very glad I did. Now I just need to catch up on my sleep.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

13717651 Stella Rhys is an author of contemporary romance and can't help but write it hot, steamy and borderline filthy (just kidding, it's flat-out filthy). Writing aside, she lives for coffee, the Yankees and cooking recipes way out of her league. She was born and raised in New York and now lives there with her husband and charmingly entitled fur baby.

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