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Friday, January 27, 2017

Love in Lingerie by Alesaandra Torre

 A Review By Wendy
 4.5 All The Sexy Unmentionables You Could Want Stars
* * * * 1/2  
Spoiler Free

Back in the day...Undies had all sorts of names... and one was the phrase Unmentionables...and in this Hot, Sexy, Titillating new book by Alessandra Torre...There are so many things which in "polite company" (another back in the day phrase, tee hee) going on... the steam will be coming off your kindle before you have had a chance to realize it happening....

Because this is a combination of all the allure of two people who are so into each other... the sparks are flying whenever they are in the same room...combined with the dreaded Employer/ Employee relationship of never crossing that line....with the added intrigue of a side bar of kink....

Oh, this story works because the true affection between these two is there and grows throughout the time they work together...They both juggle this need and want...and all of the boundaries are pushed...stroked... and flirted to the limits....

You see both want... but both also love the dear sweet friendship they also have...and that is the crisis... Are they willing to risk what they have for more...And will she be able to accept him, care for him for the man he has kept from her all this time...

This read has all of the elements we love in a Torre book; her artistry in creating characters who catch our imaginations, situations which are so much fun yet possible and real...and sexy times off the charts...

January is always full of winter's days...possibly a bit grey and cold...Why not brighten up your nights with some Love in Lingerie....If you want you can keep all the Unmentionable Moments to warm you up at night.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

6452845 I’m a traditionally published and indie author. With a focus on contemporary erotic romances and erotic suspense I write under the pen name Alessandra Torre (erotic romance) and A.R. Torre (erotic suspense).

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