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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Just One Week by Alice Gaines

 A Review by Wendy
3 Everyone Making Decisions Stars
* * * 

Why is it everyone thinks they know what is best for their love interest... Why is there no actual talking and explaining...This story has this undercurrent running throughout and through trials and hiccups... we finally get these two who are meant to be together...together.

There is the troupe of brother's best friend...and how he knew he should not have feelings for the younger sister...Teenage times are confusing; it is unfortunate when hormones and words mix...It was this confused mixture of ugliness which was the reason Michelle Dennis left so abruptly after finishing high school never to return for 8 long years to the surrogate family she loved so much.

Michelle had a crappy family of her own and Alex Stafford's family embraced her brother and her as one of their own. They were the "Ozzie and Harriet" to her nightmare at home. They were the ones to encourage her and feed her mind, body and soul. ...And it was their son Alex who fed her dreams at night.

Michelle was smart; making all sorts of honor rolls and scholarships...She was encouraged by the Stafford's to expand her goals... see what she could do with all of her talents and science called out to her. Yet she also was so taken with Alex, she decided to lay everything on the line the night he was leaving for college....

Alex knowing he had these overwhelming and confusing feelings for Alex, pushed her away....making her feel less than...and causing her to rush to another ...proving to her heartbroken self she was not a little girl. Alex breaks up things before they go too far...but in doing that he crushes and hurts Michelle beyond repair...hateful, ugly words are said...things that can never be forgotten...especially at 18...These two lost everything in a moment's time...all the years of friendship, all the affection...gone.

We meet up with them as they both are on a collision course... Michelle is returning back to the Stafford's home for their huge Anniversary party. It is something she could not in all conscience ignore. She knows she will have to see Alex at some point...and as the professional she has become, she plans on being just that when seeing him.

Michelle has risen in her career; she has worked in Academia and is at the level to become a professor at a prodigious university. She excels in research and is up for a position which would allow her to do what she loves. She is waiting to hear if she has be chosen for the position. It is something she wants.

Alex has taken the road which was easy for him. He is a professional Football Player with a strong reputation. He has always been charming and easy to get along with everyone. No serious relationships and his main goal while here for his parent's party is to "Fix" things with Alex. He has felt horrible for what transpired and plans to do whatever he can to make things right...

And his idea of doing that is to meet her at the airport, manipulate her accommodations and force her to listen to what he has to say....

Well, gee...That's going to work....NOT.

This story takes on a couple of issues...the hurt and pain of what words can do to young people and the impact of learning disabilities... Today things are better...people are more understanding of differences- or at least they should be with all of the information out their about the many types of learning issues. During Alex's time, it is implied there may not have been such an open, talked about atmosphere in his school. His parents were positive and supported him; it was Alex who could not deal with his situation. It impacted everything he felt, did and how he saw himself.

The lesson presented is to be who you are knowing you are not less than... just doing things a little differently than others. It is important and once he learned it, it freed him.

This book had a positive intent and brought to light issues which always need positive reinforcement.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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