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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Blog Tour ♥ The Curse Series by Taylor Lavati ♥

The Curse Series
by Author Taylor Lavati
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Thousand Year Curse
Book One


the Book

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Being a teenager isn't all fun and games for seventeen year old Ryder. After
being thrown down the social hierarchy, Ryder Mason has one goal for her senior
year- survive.

Within the first month of school, Ryder goes from bullied teen to a cursed half
goddess with two boyfriends. As if that wasn't enough, she travels into the
Underworld to confront Hades about the curse and her missing mother.

Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her two knights fight to seek her
approval, her best friend's loyalties are tested and people's true intentions
are shown in the first Curse Books novel.

The Curse of Betrayal
Book Two

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has finally decided to take her life into her own hands, but things don’t
always turn out as they seem. Ollie and Ari have made a pact that leaves Ryder
alone until she ends the curse and chooses her soul mate. 

her knights absent, Ryder becomes independent, seeing things in her visions
that force her to question the curse—and herself. 

strange things happen at Demi God Academy, Ryder realizes everything comes back
to her. She must use the power growing within her to protect her new friends in
ways she never imagined possible. But as new threats surface, she may not be
strong enough to protect them all. 

book two of A Curse Books, Ryder discovers what it really means to be Eurydice.

The Broken Curse
Book Three

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After a chain of tragic events, Ryder has lost the true essence of who she is. At the cost of her emotions, she channels anger and frustration to hone her new skills. Her white knight remains by her side, but with light comes dark.

When her mentor concocts a plan to end the curse, Ryder dives in head first, but as the number of demons on Earth increases, Ryder and her friends realize their final battle affects more than just the curse.

In the final installment of A Curse Books, Ryder will decide her future—and accept the inevitable fate her decision brings with it.


About the Author

Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a
small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult
and New Adult romances with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy,
to dark romance, A Reliant Love. Her books have all hit #1 on the Amazon
bestselling chart for their categories! When not writing, she enjoys playing video
games, hiking, and spending time with family.

Romance with a bit of CHAOS.

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What Others Are Saying About Taylor Lavati

"One for readers at
the older end of the 'young adult' spectrum, The Thousand Year Curse is clearly
the work of a gifted young writer. The plot and the basic premise have already
been spelled out by other reviewers but what struck me most about the book was
the deft and surprisingly mature touch of the author." 
Jay G

"I fell in love with Taylor's writing when I read the first book in her
Curse Books. When I opened this book I wasn't positive what would be waiting on
the other side for me, but I was certain it would be a reading adventure.
Taylor didn't disappoint." 
Bestselling author Jesse

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