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Friday, April 8, 2016

Release Blitz ♥ Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson ♥

Title: Polar Reaction
Author: Claire Thompson
Release Date: April 8, 2016
Genre: M/M/M Romance


A passion hot enough to melt a glacier. A love that shakes them to the core.

The savage Antarctic winter is closing in, and three research scientists are scheduled for the last flight out until an unexpected blizzard traps all three of them in the compound. There’s Tuck, who only joined the project to be close to sexy-but-straight Brendan, the man of his dreams. And Jamie, who has always admired the other two from afar.

Thrown into a dangerous situation, the three of them turn to each other for survival, solace and more. As Brendan overcomes his confusion over his impulses, the trio begin a sexual exploration that explodes into passion and unbridled lust.

Yet once the rescue helicopter airlifts them to safety, Brendan comes to his senses, returning home to his carefully constructed, closeted life. But there’s a Brendan-shaped hole left behind in Tuck s and Jamie s hearts. There’s only one way to fill it by breaking through Brendan s reserve to reclaim the man they both love."

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Brendan stepped out of
the bathroom just as they turned to enter. He was fully dressed, not that this
surprised Jamie. Brendan smiled and ran his fingers through his hair, which was
dark gold when wet.

Jamie hooked his
thumbs into his back pockets, aware this dragged his jeans down enough to
reveal most of the snake tattoo. He stared at Brendan, daring him to notice.
Brendan’s gaze swept over both men’s bare chests and he caught his lower lip in
his teeth.

“We wondered if you
were ever coming out.” Tuck’s voice was teasing. “Looks like you’re all dressed
up and no place to go.” Tuck sidled closer to Brendan and tugged at the top
button of his outer shirt. “We turned on both heaters. You won’t need all these

Brendan stood stiffly,
allowing Tuck to unbutton his shirt and push it from his shoulders. If Tuck was
aware of Brendan’s discomfiture, he gave no sign. “Let’s watch a movie. We can
use your laptop.”

They walked into the
sleeping quarters. Having something to do seemed to ease Brendan’s anxiety. He
went to the laptop and flipped open the lid. “I should check the weather too.”
He sat down and began to type. His brow furrowed and he frowned. “Fuck.” His
voice was quiet, but Jamie heard the anguish in it and glanced up sharply.

Brendan looked from
him to Tuck with a pained expression. “We lost it again. The satellite
connection.” They were all silent. What was there to say? Jamie took a deep
breath and exhaled. He was done panicking over the situation.

When he’d cried,
something he hadn’t done in years, it had somehow cleansed him, not only of his
sorrows, but of his fears. Whatever was going to happen, he wouldn’t change it
one iota by flipping out. What Tuck said was true, this was all they had. Today,
this moment, this life, this was it. No dress rehearsal, no do overs.

He looked from blond,
sexy Brendan to dark, handsome Tuck and smiled, surprised that his calm wasn’t
forced. He shrugged. “We know they’re monitoring the situation. They aren’t
going to forget about us. It’s not like they could get through now anyway. We
might as well relax and enjoy the time we have together, right?”

Tuck’s expression
eased, the worried pucker between his eyebrows smoothing. “You’re right, Jamie.
Where’s that Southern Comfort, anyway? It’s kind of growing on me.” He turned
to Brendan. “What DVDs do we have that we haven’t already watched six hundred

“Steve had the big
collection.” Brendan paused, pursing his lips. “I actually have a few old
movies you might like.” He moved toward his cot and opened his footlocker,
rummaging through piles of rumpled clothing. He held up a DVD case. “How about
this? A classic.”

“What is it?” Tuck

“Lawrence of Arabia.”

Tuck raised his
eyebrows. “With Peter O’Toole?”


“That’s a great

Jamie, not familiar
with the movie and barely aware of who Peter O’Toole was, perked up. “Who,
Lawrence of Arabia or Peter O’Toole?”

Tuck laughed.
“Lawrence, though O’Toole was awfully convincing…” Jamie found himself
more interested in the movie.

Brendan popped the DVD
into the laptop and turned it toward the sofa, their usual spot for watching
movies. Tuck touched his bandage and made a face. “I think I should probably
lie down, don’t you? Why don’t we set up the laptop so we can see it from my
cot? We can keep this double bed setup.”

“Yes, of course. I’m
sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Brendan shifted the card table so it was facing the
cots, while Tuck winked at Jamie, who grinned. The situation was funny in a
way, the two of them plotting to seduce the straight guy, everyone tiptoeing
around what they knew was going to happen.

Jamie still held
himself back. He wasn’t going to push himself between those two, but he
wouldn’t be a jerk either, playing hard to get. He’d just go with the flow and
see where it took him. He busied himself with pouring portions of the sweet,
strong liquor into the juice glasses. Tuck, meanwhile, rearranged the pillows
so they were resting against the wall.

The three of them
settled in, leaning back against the pillows, their drinks in hand. By unspoken
agreement, Jamie and Tuck lay on either side of Brendan. They watched the movie
awhile, sipping their drinks. After their second round, they set their glasses
aside and focused on the film, which so far, to Jamie’s surprise, was pretty
good for something made forty-five years before.

“Hey, ” Jamie
observed. “That O’Toole guy actually looks like you, Brendan.”

“You think so?”
Brendan shrugged.

“He does look like
you.” Tuck turned from the screen to examine Brendan’s features. “It’s your
wavy hair. And also the sensual mouth and the strong jaw line.” He ran a finger
along Brendan’s jaw. Jamie watched, fascinated, as Brendan actually shivered to
Tuck’s touch.

Jamie scooted closer
so his leg was touching Brendan’s. He dared to drop his hand to Brendan’s
thigh. Brendan turned toward him, his gaze moving from Jamie’s hand to his
face. Tuck’s hand appeared on Brendan’s other thigh. Brendan’s head whipped in
his direction.

Tuck’s voice was
soothing. “Relax, Bren. We aren’t going to eat you. We just want to touch you.
To explore a little. That’s okay, isn’t it? We all agree we want this, right?”

“Yeah.” Brendan’s
voice was soft. He allowed Tuck to push at his shoulder until he was lying flat
between them. On the screen, Lawrence appeared over the top of a huge simmering
sand dune, his white robe whipping in the wind, but Jamie stopped even
pretending to pay attention.

He slid down beside
Brendan, moving his hand along Brendan’s thigh to his crotch. Boldly, he cupped
the inviting bulge, delighted to feel it harden beneath his fingers. He met
Tuck’s eye and they smiled complicity. However nervous Brendan was, he wanted

About The Author

Claire Thompson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 60 novels. She writes BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres.

Her love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission). Her work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered somewhat to the darker side of fantasy. She loves delving into the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and gaining insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. She does not create all black and white villains and heroes, but rather strives to develop real, complex and flawed human beings.

Claire doesn't want to simply provide an erotic thrill or evocative description. She seeks not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.

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